Kristin Cavallari’s Bears’ Outfit

K Cav 8.20.13It’s easy to tell when summer is coming to a close and fall is upon us.  It’s that first chill in the night when you need to sleep under all your covers or that first time you’re out and realize you should have brought a sweater.  For sports fans, it’s when ESPN shifts its focus from baseball highlights and feel-good stories in favor of America’s true favorite past time, Football.  So with the NFL regular season quickly approaching I had to share Kristin Cavallari’s perfect Bears’ game-day outfit on August 18th.  This is the ideal transitional style: tank, jeans and ankle boots.  It’s not quite time for cold-weather gear (poor K Cav will be rooting on her man from under a floor-length parka in a matter of weeks) so she nailed the always difficult and non-committal transitional season outfit.  And, if she needs to meet girls for dinner before, she’s dressed cute enough to fit in to any local Chicago eatery.  Well-done Kristin.


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