Throat Coat


It’s that time of year where every flight, late night and public excursion leads to a dry, scratchy, soon-to-be-sore throat.

Fresh off of celebrating New Years, I woke up to exactly this. I felt like I couldn’t swallow enough and that at any moment I might break into an uncontrollable cough if I didn’t quench the dryness ASAP. I had to fly home to Detroit from Florida, and the only option available on my flight was some hot water with lemon. Needless to say, that didn’t cure me.

I’m not a big fan of cough drops because I find if they work, they taste awful, and if they taste good, they don’t work. So I had resigned to a couple of raspy, uncomfortable days when I went to our local breakfast spot and found something they call “Throat Coat” on the menu.

Their drink consists of eucalyptus tea, honey, ginger, lemon and cayenne paper. I gave it a shot, and it definitely helped my throat, but the eucalyptus really wasn’t for me. I realize eucalyptus is considered, on it’s own, to have cold-fighting, anti-inflammatory properties — but it’s just not fun to drink.

So It took the rest of the ingredients (1 tbsp honey, juice from 1/2 lemon, dash cayenne pepper), and bought a few teas I thought would be a little more enjoyable, but would also nip that pesky scratchiness (or at least aid in immune boosting!).

The one I liked best was:  Yogi Echinacea Immune Support.

It smells amazing and it’s flavored with ginger (so no need to add any), cinnamon, lemon, lemongrass and rose hip. Best of all, it worked really well on my throat!




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