Coach K Gets 1,000 Wins

Duke’s Coach K got his 1,000th career win in college basketball in a 77 to 68 victory over St. John’s. As a UNC fan I don’t like Duke or Coach K of course but 1,000 wins is quite an achievement for him. Mike Krzyzewski has become the first NCAA division 1 basketball coach to win 1,000 games.

It would be hard to argue with Mike Krzyzewski being called the greatest basketball coach in history. And even as a UNC fan I think it’s kind of cool. Duke and UNC have put my home state of North Carolina on the sports map as a college basketball state. It is amazing that those two schools have had so much success and are so close together.

According to this Yahoo Sports article Coach K had this to say about his career. “I’m the lucky guy who’s been at two great institutions in West Point and Duke,” Krzyzewski said. “I’ve had unbelievable support. I’ve never had a day in my 40 years that I had to worry about my back, with my A.D., superintendent, or president and not many people can say that.”

Coach K seldom has the best athletes on his Duke Basketball teams but they are just that, a team. K knowns how to get the best out of his players and to get the ones that fit his system. Congrats to Coach K and the Duke fans on his 1,000th win.

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