Enough is Enough

Marshawn Lynch was fined $20,000 on January 22 for an obscene gesture that he made on his go-ahead touchdown in the NFC Championship Game. Enough is enough. It’s time for something more. Lynch has made a habit of making obscene gestures on the field and disrespecting everyone off of it. He needs to be get more than a little slap on the wrist fine.

Lynch has been fined $307,477 since 2009 for actions ranging from wearing improperly colored cleats to refusing to speak to the media. It is getting old fast. Lynch has been a problem all year ever since his close friend Percy Harvin was traded. Chris Mortenson of ESPN reported in October that many members of the Seattle Seahawks did not expect Lynch to back in 2015. The Seattle Times reported that Lynch hardly speaks with head coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider. Around the same time that this was reported, TMZ released a video in which Lynch swings his bag at a reporter who was simply asking the Pro Bowler about his lamborghini. The fact that Lynch is a churlish schmuck is nothing new, but with the quantity of his foolery as high as it is this season, something more needs to be done by the NFL.

What Lynch has been doing this season is disrespectful to the league and he is only embarrassing himself. His choice to refuse to speak to the media or answer each question the same way is insulting to reporters that are only their to do their job. Without the media, Lynch would lose most of the money he makes, so it’s about time that Lynch acts more appropriately around them. The various cleat issues are extremely ridiculous because he is deliberately breaking the NFL’s rules. He may not like the guidelines that the NFL sets forth, but it’s a small price to pay for fame. As for the numerous obscene gestures that Lynch has made in his career, he should know better. Football players are idolized by children and Lynch sets a horrible example for them.

The NFL may fine him, but that won’t encourage Lynch to get his act together. People do not change this easily. Though the Seahawks’ organization has expressed frustration with Lynch, they continue to win with him. If Lynch plays well and the Seahawks win, they will still be making money and therefore have no incentive to get rid of him. Marshawn Lynch will be with the Seahawks next season regardless of whether or not they will Super Bowl XLIX. This proves a lesson in the NFL, that a player isn’t a problem unless they use banned drugs (Josh Gordon) or commit murder (O.J. Simpson). Lynch’s actions are nowhere near that severe, but the point is that he chooses to continue breaking rules. The NFL needs to start suspending him if they want players to actual adhere to the implemented rules. If Lynch commits a similar offense in the Super Bowl, a simple one game suspension could initiate a thought process in his head that he needs to change his behavior.


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