Calling all recent graduates! We know that initially living with your parents isn’t the most ideal situation. We’ve been on our own for four years, and to revert back to living at home can be difficult. To get you excited about finding an apartment, we are providing you with a list of essential apartment necessities. Use it as a fun checklist… you will need these things, trust us!  When you do have everything, it can act as extra incentive to save up your money and move out into that fabulous new apartment you’ve been dreaming about since graduation.

1. A coffee maker. A Keurig coffee maker will, in fact, save your life. And, if you buy a reusable “k-cups’ instead of individual packets, you will save even more money!

2. A shoe rack. Closet space is limited in new apartments, and a shoe rack to hang on the back of your door will allow more space in your closet for clothes… something we definitely won’t have a problem with.

3. Free weights. A gym membership may be too expensive right away. Nothing can be more transformative than watching television while doing repetitions with 5 lb weights after work.

4. A toaster oven. Perfect for cooking veggies, sandwiches and frozen dinners, a toaster oven is the perfect kitchen essential.

5. A dish rack. You don’t want to have to dry your dishes all the time, and running the dishwasher is expensive. A dish rack will allow them to air dry, so all you have to do is wash!

6. A nice smelling candle. Bed, Bath & Beyond has amazing candles that have long burning lives! Nothing makes an apartment fell like home than a lit candle.

7. A wine/bottle opener. Not much is more depressing than going to open that bottle of Cab to realize you don’t have a corkscrew. Don’t let this mistake happen to you.

8. Cute throw pillows, for decorative purposes, of course.

9. Cutlery. You need forks, spoons and knives to eat, I promise you. Napkins too, are a good call. Anthropologie has all your dining needs met.

10. Measuring cups! In addition, you’ll need spatulas, ladles and whisks. Cooking essentials for sure.


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