Game Day Turkey Reuben

turkey reuben cover

I LOVE a good turkey reuben, but it’s so rare that I find a restaurant that makes them exactly the way I like (heavy on the sauerkraut, light on the turkey). So I’ve taken matters into my own hands and whip them up at home when I get a craving.  I made a couple for lunch earlier today while we were watching football and they were a hit, so here’s the recipe:

Sliced organic roasted turkey breast

Sauerkraut (I like Claussen)

Thousand Island dressing

Sliced Swiss cheese

2 slices Rye bread

Organic Smart Balance (or butter)


Spread a layer of thousand island dressing on each slice of bread. Place two slices of swiss over one piece of bread. Broil the slice with cheese for 90 seconds on High. While that’s broiling, cover the other slice of bread with sauerkraut (I like it to be piled about an inch high) and 4 slices of turkey folded to fit the bread.  Place one more slice of Swiss on this half of the sandwich. Broil this half for 90 seconds on High.

Once both halves have been broiled individually to melt the cheese, place the first slice onto the second, spread some Organic Smart Balance (or butter) on the top slice and toast (or press) the entire sandwich for about 2 minutes. You’ll have a warm, gooey, flavorful reuben!

FUN FACT: Sauerkraut is a probiotic, so it aids in digestive function, relieves bloating, and helps assimilate nutrients that nourish skin, hair and nails!!
turkey reuben 3turkey reuben



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