We’ve all had those nights where you just can’t fall asleep. Even when you do fall asleep, it’s not for long. The longer we stay up the more worried we become about how the lack of sleep will affect us tomorrow, making it even harder to relax. A good way to ensure a better night’s sleep is to get relaxed before its actually time to go to sleep. If you can find a way to “turn off” your brain at night your likely to not only fall asleep, but stay asleep! Here are a few tricks and tools to help you get relaxed before bed:

1. Essential Oils & Mists

Lavender is said to be one of the most calming aromas. There have even been studies done which show those who integrated the scent into their bedtime routine experience more restful sleep. Lavender can be found in a number of products including bath salts, oils, and candles. Finding a way to incorporate the scent into your routine might be the answer to your sleepless nights! I love this I AM Peace chakra crystal mist from I AM Enlightened Creations. I’ll spray it in my room, even on my face before I settle into bed.


2. Candles

The natural light of a small candle in your bedroom can prove to relax you enough to put you right to sleep. Certain candle scents have also been linked to better sleep. The ones to look for are lavender, chamomile, and jasmine. The combination of the natural light and calming scent could be a small fix for a big problem. You can find a great jasmine one here.

Diptyque Jasmin Candle

3. Yoga Poses

As odd as it seems, the same movements that many use for exercise can also help us fall asleep faster. Yoga will not only relieve stress in your mind, but also in your body. Some of the best poses to try for more restful sleep are child’s pose, plow pose, and reclining butterfly.

4. Calming Music

Music is powerful enough to lull us right into the perfect state of relaxation. If a song is relaxing enough our heart rate will eventually match itself to the music. A great song to try is Weightless by Marconi Union. It was even rated one of these most relaxing songs by sound therapists! Also, this playlist on Spotify has a ton of relaxing music!

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