All of us can relate to the constant struggle of keeping our white sheets white. Wouldn’t it just be a lot easier to give in and settle for darker sheets? Well, until we give up our stubborn desire for white sheets here are a few tips to keep your sheets whiter longer:

  1. Only wash your white sheets with other white articles. The last thing you want is color from your clothes leaking onto your white sheets in the wash.
  2. Use warm water when washing sheets, but never hot. Washing and drying sheets with high temperatures can lead to a break down of the fibers which over times lessens the ability of sheets to stay white.
  3. Skip the bleach! As strange as it may seem, bleach may actually be causing the weakening and discoloration of your white sheets. For a safe whitening boost try one of these bleach alternatives: all natural bleach alternative or oxygen brightener.
  4. If you can, dry your sheets in the sun! The sunlight has a natural bleaching effect that is said to leave your sheets  stunningly white!
  5. Vinegar is said to not only whiten, but soften fabrics as well. Adding about a half a cup of distilled white vinegar to your load of laundry is a natural way to keep your sheets white and soft. Vinegar also helps to get rid of left over soap and build up in linens!



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