Old School Meets New School

The NFL season started with 32 teams with one goal, to hoist the Lombardi trophy. For the second consecutive season, the game will feature the No. 1 seed in each conference, the Seahawks and Patriots will square off in Super Bowl XLIX. The Patriots, once called a dynasty, are back in the big game and looking for their fourth Lombardi trophy in the last 15 years. The Seahawks have made it to the big game consecutively and are looking to repeat as champions, which hasn’t happened since the ’03 and ’04 Patriots.

The NFL hasn’t had a dynasty since the New England Patriots who went on and won three of their Super Bowls under Tom Brady and Bill Belichick between the ’01 and ’04 season. A dynasty is a team that dominates their sport for an extraordinary length of time. That being said, the Seahawks could be the NFL’s next organization to be called a dynasty. Since 2012 the Seahawks have beaten 22 of the 31 other franchises in the league. They haven’t faced the AFC North since 2011. In other words, they haven’t beaten these five teams since 2012; Detroit, Kansas City, Miami, Indianapolis and San Diego.

Here’s three questions that were asked to me regarding the Super Bowl XLIX:

1. What are the Seahawks biggest strengths going into this game? Seattle’s biggest strengths going into this game is their ability to make explosive plays and allow explosive plays. In the regular season, the Seahawks offense led the league in explosive plays with 135, and their defense led the league in fewest explosive plays allowed, allowing only 76.

2. What do you think will be the biggest challenge for the Seahawks? The biggest challenge Seattle will face is stopping the run and try to make Brady beat them with his arm. The team has allowed over 130 yards rushing in each of their two playoff games. In the regular season, when the Seahawks allowed over 100 yards rushing, they were 2-4. The Patriots are 5-1 when rushing over 100 yards this season. That being said, it’s pivotal that the Seahawks run defense shows up in this game.

3. Which Seahawk are we going to be talking about after the game ends? Russell Wilson. I think Wilson will be the difference in this game because he can beat you with his arms as well as with his legs. Which is something the Patriots haven’t been familiar with in recent memory.

If the Seahawks continue to play their game, the Patriots will have a hard time trying to find a way to win.


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