Do you ever look at your room and think it’s just plain dull? As if it’s not reaching its full design potential and you can’t figure out why? Believe it or not, lighting placement and the kind of lighting you use can either make or break a design. But we’ve got you covered! Here are some important tips to consider for a well lit room. It’s time to bring your room back to life!

Your space isn’t a circus. Don’t install or place lighting elements wherever you wish. Think about the activities that go on in that space. Is it a loud space or is it a quiet and serene reading nook? Are there any elements you’d like to emphasize? Consider the color of your walls. Darker walls absorb and require more light. You usually want at least 2 sources of artificial light in every room.


Do you have that one special art piece that you just love to show off? This is where accent lighting becomes your BFF! Bring attention to a certain piece in your space by directing light at it. Use free hanging pendants or tracks lights.


Sometimes you just want to set the mood. Perhaps something a little on the softer side? In this case, you’d need a general light source, preferably with a dimmer so you can set your own brightness. A couple of lamps and a ceiling mounted fixture should do the trick. You want to create a sense of flow and harmony.


The key to a perfectly lit room is balance. Mix and match! A creative room is one that always has a few different types of lighting elements. When you design your brand new light scheme, think about what’s important about that space. Always start with the ambient light, and then continue with task lights followed by accent lighting. Use that guideline for every room and I’m sure you’ll be happy with what you come up with!


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