The latest trend to hit the streets? Sneakers! (Yes, they’ve made it on Chanel’s runway). Which, is maybe the best thing ever considering how comfy they are compared to, well… everything! Because work casual is all the rage, we’ll help you get there, with this sneaker style guide.


1. Converse: These shoes pair with classic pieces. They go perfectly with leather skinnies, a baggy top & a bold colored overcoat. Or, pair them with a loose, simple, short dress and satchel to give off an effortlessly chic on-the-go look.


2. High tops: Pair them with a cute miniskirt or skinny jeans. Did I mention skinny jeans? The high-top adds sass to your look with a touch of modern flare.


3. New Balance: Pair these shoes with a baggy boyfriend jean and a cute sweater. They add a cute, sporty touch to any look.


4. Nike: All black ensembles with Nikes are the perfect work chic combo. You want to give off an effortless vibe, while still being on trend and this is a great way to do it while being comfortable at the same time.

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 4.31.27 PM

5. Slip-Ons: Wear slip-ons to dress down a long skirt-top combo. The black and white checkers pair perfectly with bold hues & dark navy blues.  Or, black denim with the classic black and white checker is a staple that can never go wrong.


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