Here we are everybody the end is nearing but the end is always one of the proudest days in sports. The Super Bowl! After many weeks of previews throughout the regular season and playoffs we have finally made it to America’s greatest sports spectacle, Super Bowl XLIX (49)! Without further adieu I bring you the last preview of the 2014 NFL season.

Super Bowl XLIX:

(1 AFC) New England Patriots (14-4) vs. (1 NFC) Seattle Seahawks (14-4): This is it, the end of the the road, one of these teams will move onto glory, the other will walk away with a nice conference championship and be known as the runner up. The Patriots are coming in off of a 45-7 smack-down of the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC title game. The Seahawks are coming in off a huge OT comeback victory over the Green Bay Packers 28-22 in the NFC title game. This matchup will most likely prove to be a defensive battle and a significantly better Super Bowl than last years. The Seahawks have another elite mountain to climb. Last year they demolished Peyton Manning and now they must go up against Tom Brady. Brady and co. look to put a chink in the amour known as the Seattle Seahawks’ defense and more importantly the Legion of Boom. The Seahawks should have no trouble finding ways to shutdown the Patriots’ WR core but they may find huge trouble in shutting down one man. That man is TE Rob Gronkowski. The Seahawks while having the number 1 defense in the NFL this year did give up the most TDs to a TE. Gronk happens to be the best TE in this league and stopping him will be the key to stopping the Patriots offense. In my honest opinion the Seahawks possess the best CB and the best 2 safeties in this league and it will be the task of SS Kam Chancellor to try and stop Gronk. Chancellor is an athletic freak of nature he is the ultimate combination of size, strength, and speed at the safety position. To be honest he reminds me of an even bigger Brian Dawkins. While still a great safety Chancellor has a few years to go until he reaches Dawkins level but he can. Opposing Chancellor will be FS Earl Thomas. Thomas is easily the best ball hawking player in this league his pursuit and reaction time is insane. While he may be small he has no fear of hitting anyone that includes Patriots’ RB LeGarrett Blunt. Overall the Seahawks’ D and secondary will be a force to be reckon with. Switching sides of the ball the Patriots’ D is nothing to laugh at either. In my opinion the 2nd best secondary in the league with a solid front 7 to boot. Their secondary lead by CB Darrelle Revis, Revis will be playing in his first Super Bowl. He is also accombained by hybrid safety Devin McCourty who is another one of the best DBs in the league. If you haven’t gotten the picture yet these two defenses have insanely awesome secondaries. Just like the Seahawks, the Patriots CBs/DBs should have no trouble shutting down the Seahawks WR core as well. Only the story if much different for the Seahawks’ offense. The Seahawks have duel threat QB Russell Wilson leading the team. While I feel personally Wilson isn’t a great QB is can create plays with his legs and he has proven he can be a clutch QB. The biggest task for the Patriots’ D will be finding a way to some how stop Marshawn Lynch A.K.A Beast Mode. I have never seen a RB run with such intensity and strength as well as having the ability to cut and be explosive. It does not matter the size or strength of the man or men trying to tackle this man he finds way to breaks tackles anyways. The way the Seahawks win this game is if they can manage to find way to make passes to the WRs and not have to worry about relying on Marshawn Lynch the whole game. Their defense will get it done especially when it needs to. The Patriots have to keep grounding and pounding with Blunt to gain those tough yards as well has create plays for Gronk, Edelman, and co. to get open for Tom Terrific to make passes.

Prediction: I have tried my hardest to hit on every factor and this is by far the hardest game for me to choose who is going to win. This game without a doubt is going to be close and very defensive and I almost find it impossible for either team to give an inch in the end. In my boldest prediction yet I will be taking the Seattle Seahawks winning Super Bowl 49 over the New England Patriots 23-20 in 2OT to become one of the few organizations to become repeat champions.


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