Do have a smaller room in your house that just appears scaled and tiny? You’re scared of putting anything in there because it’ll only make the space appear even smaller! Always know that any space is workable if you just put your mind to it and get a little creative. So leave your headache behind because below are some of my tricks to making your “small space” look like a million bucks!

The first key rule to any small space is that the lighter the walls, the larger the room appears to be. Paintings and art fall into that same rule category. Try matching any wall accessory to your wall color. The wall art will add dimension to the room without appearing heavy. You don’t want to feel as if your art is closing in on you. Stick to the same tones throughout the whole room and you’ll be surprised at what white on white can really do!

via Decoholic

Choose lighting that takes up no visual space. Avoid large and bulky fixtures that bring the space down, but instead choose an airy clear glass bulb or wire framed fixture that really shows off your space. In this case, your fixture should provide light without overbearing the ceiling and space.

via A Beach Cottage

Opt out of heavy woods or dark upholstered furniture. Naturals and neutrals are the way to go. If you’re redesigning your small bedroom, choose a light headboard that won’t draw the eye away from the overall look of the space. Choose a floor stain that’s natural and light. Feel free to add minimal pops of color using fun and vibrant knick knacks or pillows that don’t take away from the room.

via Darlings of Chelsea

If you can mount, don’t think twice! Keeping your floors free from as many free standing pieces as possible will really give you the illusion of a larger space. A mounted piece will create visual flow and prevent the eye from keeping grounded.


How do you make your smaller space appear larger? Share in the comments below.


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