Do the Nationals Have a Weakness?

To answer the question in the title, yes. The Nationals do have a weakness. Their weakness may not be visible on paper, but its there. The Nationals weakness is their clubhouse chemistry. I’m not saying that they don’t have chemistry, but for a team to win the world series, they need to have everything happen the perfect way. With the signing of Casey Janssen, the Nationals improved their only possible on field weakness which was their bullpen. The Nationals are the favorites to win the world series based on their team on paper, but that’s a preseason prediction. For a team to be successful, a lot has to go right and be perfect including clubhouse chemistry. The Nationals have been the favorites for a few years now and every year they under-achieve and unless the 2015 Nationals have good team chemistry and stay healthy, they’ll finish just like they have for the past few years, without a World Series championship.


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