Entertaining for the Super Bowl is mainly about ensuring you have ample beer, chips and dips… am I right?! But that doesn’t mean you have to skimp on the decorative elements that are going to guarantee your party talks about a few things other than football (if only for a minute!).

Here’s a few of my favorite, and easy to do, entertaining tricks to add some pizazz to your party:

1. Football Glassware with Washi Tape


Instant snaz for your existing glassware! Just add a little tape (I prefer colorful, fun washi tape!) to your glassware and you have footballs in a snap, without damaging your glasses.

2. AstroTurf Coasters


Just nip to your closest Home Depot or Lowes and grab some astroturf, cut it into squares, and you have instant football field coasters! Makes for a great entertaining gift

3. Chalkboard Scoreboard


Create a makeshift scoreboard in your living room by cutting a big piece of chalkboard wallpaper and chalk (or even better, chalk pens!) to keep tally of all the winners and losers.

What’s your go-to entertaining tip for Super Bowl? 


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