Does Tim Tebow Deserve A Second Go-Round In The NFL?

Where has the time gone? Seemingly it’s been forever since America was in the throes of “Tebowmania”. After winning the  2008 National Championship at Florida, he was drafted my the Denver Broncos in 2010.  He became starter in the sixth game of the 2011 season.  The team was 1-4 at the time, with Tebow at the helm they started winning, going all the way to the AFC west division title. In the playoffs, they won their first playoff game since 2005, defeating the Pittsburgh Steelers in overtime. Tebow was a winner again, and yet he was the most polarizing football player in the league. “Tebowing” had captured the hearts and minds of America. But his open display of his Christian faith turned some against him, as some felt it was unwarranted. His faith never wavered, but eventually his time in the NFL did.

He was traded to the New York Jets after Denver acquired Peyton Manning. Getting little to no playing time, he was released in 2013, after the Jets drafted Geno Smith.  He then signed with the New England Patriots, but the contract wasn’t guaranteed, and he was summarily released two months after being signed. Thus, almost as quickly as Tim Tebow burst onto the NFL scene, he was gone. His name is bandied about whenever a team is in need of a quarterback, most recently before Jacksonville drafted Blake Bortles. It’s not that Tebow isn’t a great athlete, it’s became clear that no team is willing to invite the accompanying media circus that comes with him. Where is Tebow now? He’s got a comfy job at ESPN, as a college football analyst. But, what if the NFL comes calling again?

Do you think that some QB-needy team would take a gamble on “Tebow-time” again? What would it take for a team to reach for the phone and kick the tires on him


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