Seahawks’ Injuries A Huge Story

There is one story at the Super Bowl that is not being talked about because of all the hoopla surrounding deflate gate and the Patriots hotel room. The Seahawks come into the game with a banged up secondary. Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas come into the Super Bowl with significant injuries. Richard Sherman has what is officially listed as a sprained left elbow. I’m no medical expert, but the way he held his arm against the Packers, it appears something is broke there. Earl Thomas, on the other hand, has a separated shoulder. While the Seahawks are downplaying Thomas’ injury, a separated shoulder would affect Thomas in both coverage and tackling. If the legion of boom is not at full strength, that will be a huge disadvantage for the Seahawks.

The health and availability of the Seahawks’ secondary is a major concern. Richard Sherman’s effectiveness will be a huge question mark. After Sherman injured his arm against the Packers, he was playing very gingerly with it. Sherman held his arm like it was broken. With the way Sherman was holding his arm, it was perplexing why the Packers did not relentlessly throw at him. Sherman looked very hobbled out there. The Packers had to challenge him at least a few times given that there was not much risk. Sherman could not intercept the ball with the way his arm was. The Patriots will not be so kind to the Seahawks. If Sherman appears hobbled, Belichick will aggressively go at him. While Sherman is expected to play through the injury on Sunday, there is another concern that could keep him out of the game completely. Sherman’s son could be born anytime now. Sherman is undecided about whether he would leave or continue playing. If Sherman misses the game or part of the game, that would be a huge loss for the Seahawks. The other key concern in the secondary is Earl Thomas. If Thomas’ separated shoulder is not healed, it will be a huge loss for the Seahawks. Thomas’ tackling and ability in coverage will be hampered severely if his shoulder is not healthy. With Gronkowski roaming the middle, the Seahawks need all the help they can get in the secondary. Thomas will also be needed in the run game as he is the Seahawks’ leading tackler. If will be difficult tackling LeGarrette Blount with a banged up shoulder. The availability of the Seahawks’ secondary is a huge concern for the Super Bowl.

Injuries are obviously a huge part of the game of football. Every team has to deal with them throughout the course of the season. The injuries in this game are flying under the radar because of the controversies surrounding deflated footballs and media availability. The extent of the injuries will be a huge factor in who will win the Super Bowl.  Earlier this week, I predicted that the Seahawks would win the Super Bowl. I stand by that prediction. I think both Thomas and Sherman will be well enough to hold down the Patriots mediocre receivers. Belichick will challenge the secondary to see if their up to the task. One thing to look for is a lot of screens. With the bum arms of Sherman and Thomas, the Seahawks might not have a lot of tackling out there. The injuries of the Seahawks’ secondary will have a huge impact on the game.


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