Top 6 Running Backs in The 2015 NFL Draft

The game of football has continued to evolve in the NFL as it takes a direct hit on the running back position. Once a prized position in the NFL where we have saw the likes of Adrian Peterson, Marshawn Lynch and Steven Jackson all taken in the first round. That hasn’t been the case the past few seasons as no running back has been able to break into the first 32 picks.

That all will likely change this season as we have a chance to see a pair if not a trio of running backs get taken in the first quarter. Those three could include Melvin Gordon, Todd Gurley and Duke Johnson all are in the top six running backs entering the 2015 NFL draft.

Here is our complete list of the top six running backs in the 2015 NFL Draft:

1. Melvin Gordon, Wisconsin: This was a toss up between Gordon and Gurley with the healthier of the two backs getting the nod. The Wisconsin back has a solid frame at 6’1’’ and 215 pounds along with a solid burst of speed. Gordon has a great burst of speed as well as balance to stay on his feet after being hit. The downside has been his lack of pass catching abilities out of the backfield something NFL teams are looking at.

2. Todd Gurley, Georgia: Gurley had an interesting college season in 2014 finishing with an ACL tear. Now it will be up to the former Georgia Bulldog running back to condition himself back into one of the top prospects this spring. Gurley is a big strong back at 226 pounds who can lower his shoulder and pick up the extra yards. The one downside is the concern over how healthy his knee will be.

3. Ameer Abdullah, Nebraska: The Cornhuskers running back has the capabilities to be a dual threat type similiar to what we have seen with Matt Forte. While we don’t typically look at this Abdullah is also a solid blocker helping his stock in a passing league.

4. Duke Johnson, Miami: The uncertainity of his size and his ability to be a three down back in the NFL might alarm some. That being said Johnson has the speed and agility to make defenders miss along with the ability to make a big play in the passing game.

5. Tevin Coleman, Indiana: Coleman is a home run hitter who can make the big play on the ground racking up a total of eight runs over 60 yards in 2014. One highlight that stands out on his film has been his ability to continue his success in the second half of games as he averaged nearly nine yards a carry after the half.

6. T.J. Yeldon, Alabama: Will the curse of the Crimson Tide running back break in 2015? Yeldon has great size and ability to break a tackle in a critical shape but also take it the distance on any carry.


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