Tyler Myers Trade Talks Intensify With Ducks For Cam Fowler

Hopefully this is the last of the Tyler Myers trade rumors. This one is by far the closest to happening. RDS’s Renaud Lavoie said on WGR in Buffalo today that “trade talks with the Ducks have intensified…. the name in the return has been Cam Fowler”. To add speculation, Myers is absent from practice today. To my knowledge he is not injured, so unless Nolan gave him a day off, this trade could be moving quickly. Lavoie reiterated that this trade is not a done deal, but both sides are moving in the right direction. This is the first time it seems hard negotiations have occurred. Lavoie said their would likely be other pieces to this deal, likely on the Ducks side. He also said that Tim Murray has become extremely active on the trade front.

Cam Fowler is a 23 year old defenseman from Windsor, Ontario. Although he was born in Canada, Fowler plays internationally for the United States. He was also a part of the 2010 Windsor Spitfires that won the Memorial Cup in the CHL. He played all 6 games for the U.S. in the 2014 Olympics. Since entering the NHL in 2010 at age 19, Fowler proved himself as an offensive weapon from the blue line. Unlike teammate Sami Vatanen however, Fowler logs big minutes and has the size at 6 foot 1 to play physically if he needs to. Fowler, like Myers, had a great rookie season with 10 goals and 40 points that set off big expectations. Like Myers he has played well, but not met the expectations. The closest Fowler has come to his rookie production was last season when he posted 6 goals and 36 points. So far this season he has 5 goals and 24 points in 51 games. He has become a better defender though.


I’m not for this trade if it’s a straight up swap, but its close. It wouldn’t take much more from the Ducks for me to make me want the trade. Hopefully Murray can find a way to parlay this trade into getting John Gibson. For that the Sabres would have to throw in something else of great value though.


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