NFL Moves That Make Sense This Off-Season

1.  Brock Osweiler for EJ Manuel

The Denver Broncos have a new sheriff in town and he prefers quick, mobile quarterback who is as fleet a foot as they are able to drive the ball down field. Buffalo, also has a new head coach, who is far from verse in the offensive side of the ball but their OC Greg Roman is a man whose resume reflects a man aware of the offensive line, tight end and running backs. He wants a quarterback who is smart, with a strong arm and someone who has the arm strength to deliver in the windy city of Buffalo. Peyton has the resume to make Kubiak sit and wait a year but Oseweiler suddenly is a square peg in a round circle. A move of a two year deal with Mark Sanchez and the trade for Brock Oseweiler would create QB competition and add two QBs that fit the new regime. EJ sitting behind Peyton for a year then going to a system that will use his full skill set makes this a likely win win trade for both teams

2.  Jeremy Maclin to KC

Contract talks have broken down between Jeremy Maclin and the Eagles and it appears he will head to free agency. There has to be a reason Chip drafted so many wide receivers last year. Chip appears to believe his system makes the player and not the other way around and I highly doubt he’ll go above and beyond to bring Maclin back. On the other hand Andy Reid prefers players he can trust and has a nice long history with Jeremy Maclin. Maclin signing in Kansas City has all the making of a day one signing especially with KC is need for a number one wide receiver.

3. Frank Gore to Pittsburgh Steelers

With the looming suspension of Le’ Veon Bell for the first two games of the season the Steelers need a veteran who can fill that starting role for the games and then are a powerful number two punch to their offense. Gore might get more money offers from other teams but it’s likely anyone can nearly guarantee him a starting job for the first two weeks of the season. Pittsburgh can and adding a vet like Gore would also benefit as a mentor and motivation to Bell to stay on the right path.

4. Brian Hoyer to Tennessee Titans

During Ken Whisenhunt last season in Arizona he signed Brian Hoyer to the roster with the hope to see what he had to offer the rest of the season and the following camp. For Hoyer, unfortunately Whisenhunt never made it to the next season and his time was short lived in Arizona. Tennessee will look to add a veteran QB to go with Zach Mettenberger and likely will draft a third to fill out the roster but Hoyer’s resume has the making of that vet to hold down the fort, lead the team to an 8-8 type record and keep the seat warm for a franchise QB.

5. Josh McCown to Cleveland Browns

The Browns need a short term answer at QB while they sit and wait if Manziel is another bust or if he can get his act together and succeed in the NFL. McCown has the tools to be a starter and likely would take the job early in camp but will need some more tools to have any long term success. Adding McCown and Michael Crabtree would be a good start in improving the talent on the team and giving the Browns some players with a track record of success to route for as they wait on Gordon and Manziel.

6. Jermey Parnell to the Washington

Cowboys have an enormous amount of free agents and can’t resign everyone. Parnell is looking for a starting spot and starter money and his old position coach is now in DC. Like Jason Hatcher and Stephen Bowen before him the appeal of taking someone from the Cowboys will be again too hard to pass up for the gang in the nation’s capital. Cowboys likely plan to keep Free, groom his replacement and let Parnell walk so the Redskins won’t have to outbid them but may have some competition within the division (NY Giants). Snyder loves overspending so this is a day one or day two signing in my book.


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