I feel like every time I hop on instagram or facebook, I see another post for detox tea this and detox drink that. I think it’s great to detox your body of yucky toxins every now and then, but what better way to do it than naturally with a few healthy snacks!? Here is a list of 8 snacks to naturally detox!

1. Avocado – YUM! One my favorites! Avocados pack glutathione which blocks harmful carcinogens and it also aids the liver in detoxifying synthetic chemicals. I throw a few slices on top of my eggs in the morning or on a refreshing salad.

2. Grapefruit – Another YUM! Naturally curbs hunger, satisfies a sweet tooth craving, loaded with vitamin C AND boosts metabolism! Yes, please!

3. Pineapple – I think I could live on pineapple.. when I was pregnant with Lo, I ate pineapple on the daily. Known to reduce stomach fat and contains powerful enzymes. Thumbs up for pineapple!

4. Watermelon – did you know that it can help flush out impurities in your liver and kidneys!? Summer time isn’t the only time you should be enjoying this refreshing snack!

5. Asparagus – Not only will asparagus reduce bloating, it also helps your body get rid of impurities in your liver. Steamed or grilled is my favorite way to enjoy this snack, but you can eat it raw and still enjoy all the benefits.

6. Celery – Lo is loving celery at the moment. Random, right!? I’m thinking it’s because of her teething. Anywho, celery contains tons of fiber which is great for moving things through your digestive system. EEK!

7. Green Smoothie – The perfect detox drink! Throw in some fresh spinach and/or kale, lemons, pineapple and you’ve got yourself a great detoxifying snack!

8. Chia Seeds – I LOVE chia seeds. IDK what it is about them – but I’m happy to learn that they aid in detoxifying. I put them in my smoothies and sometimes in my salads or on whole grain toast!


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