Back in the Day

Ten images that bring me straight back to being a kid again…

1. Sporting only the latest fashions… Heart shaped sunnies were a hot commodity in my day.


2. Eating way too much cotton candy…


3. Bows. I always had to have a bow involved in every ensemble. In my hair. On my blouse. On my ballet flats… Bows were a must. And to be honest… they still are!


4. Hunting dandelions and blowing their fluff away in the ocean breeze…


5. Picking all of the neighbors flowers…


6. Sunday morning Minnie Mouse pancakes…


7. I couldn’t get enough of Pretty Pretty Princess…


8. Dreaming of Cher in Clueless and wondering how I could talk my mom into buying me those knee high socks…


9. Collecting shells, rocks, or whatever I could find on “my” beach…


10. Making paper crowns at my Grandmother’s house while we played dress up…


One of my favorite childhood memories was spending weekends with my Dad on boats. We would go out all day and fish. Sometimes we would even go on overnight trips too. It was always so fun to bring home dinner…

What’s your favorite childhood memory?

XO Elizabeth


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