1. Buster Posey– It is clear who the top catcher off the board should be and that is Posey. He is coming off a season where he hit 22 home runs and knocked in 89 runs for the world champion Giants. Another similar season should be expected as he plays more first base as well.

2. Jonathan Lucroy– There is the hamstring injury to worry about now but Lucroy still belongs this high on the list. He will hit his 12-15 home runs, knock in 75-80 run and may even hit another 35-40 doubles. There is simply too much not to like.

3. Devin Mesoraco– One of the biggest players rushing up the draft board is Mesoraco after hitting 25 homers last season for the Reds. It was definitely a career year and he is going to play even more in 2015. He has the potential to hit 30 homers.

4. Yadier Molina– One of the best in the business continues to get the job done even as he hits 32 years old. Molina missed plenty of time in 2014 and if he stays healthy this coming season, a 10-15 homer campaign while hitting around .300 should be expected.

5. Carlos Santana– He still has catcher eligibility so use it with Santana, who hit 27 homers last season. He may not put up the huge walk numbers he did last season but is still a catcher that will be perfect for any fantasy roster.

6. Salvador Perez– Every season seems to show Perez getting better and better. He hit a career-high 17 homers in 2014. If he can boost the batting average to around .280 with 15-18 homers and 80-85 RBI, he is going to be a steal later in the draft.

7. Yan Gomes– There is plenty of room for Gomes and Santana from Cleveland on this list. Gomes hit 21 homers last season while batting a solid .278 for the Indians. He is someone to watch who may slip under the radar on fantasy rosters.

8. Evan Gattis– It is a new league and a short porch in left field for Gattis going to Houston after hitting 43 homers over his first two seasons. No one would be shocked if he hit over 30 homers for the Astros while batting around .270 this coming year.

9. Matt Wieters– There is the injury issues to consider but if Wieters is available on Opening Day, he will be worth this selection. A healthy Wieters brings 20-25 homers, 80-85 RBI and a .255 batting average. Those stats would work just fine if he can stay on the field.

10. Russell Martin– It will be a return to Canada for Martin next season in Toronto. He hit .290 for the Pirates last year with 11 homers and 67 RBI. The Blue Jays look powerful and those stats could easily be duplicated in the year to come.


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