1. Miguel Cabrera– It’s hard to argue against a player who is likely to hit 35-40 home runs, have 110-115 RBI and bat .320-.325 every season. He needs to be the first one off the board at the first base position and likely ends up being a top-five overall pick in the process.

2. Jose Abreu– There will be worries about the sophomore slump but after a season with 36 home runs and 107 RBI, the price is going to be high and could even include picking Abreu before the first round is even over.

3. Anthony Rizzo– The 2014 season was one to remember for Rizzo with 32 homers for the Cubs. He is getting more help in the lineup sooner than later. His 78 RBI last season are going to look more like 100-105 by 2015’s end.

4. Paul Goldschmidt– Plenty of people want to have Goldschmidt higher on the list but he is simply not above Abreu or Rizzo now. He hit 19 homers in 109 games last season before being stopped by injury. A top-15 overall pick but not before the tenth or eleventh overall selection.

5. Edwin Encarnacion– The last three seasons have been very consistent with over 34 homers in each of those seasons. Another year with 35-40 home runs should be expected while being in the middle of that Toronto lineup.

6. Albert Pujols– There have been many struggles for Pujols while in Los Angeles with the Angels. He did hit 28 homers last season though. He isn’t the same player that he was a few years ago but still a dangerous batter who should hit 25-30 homers in 2015.

7. Prince Fielder– The first season for Fielder in Texas didn’t go well. He is in line for a huge bounceback season and one that owners are going to want to be involved in for the Rangers. 35-40 homers wouldn’t be shocking.

8. Joey Votto– Another player with injury problems from last year. Votto is one of the best OBP players in the game though and should be in line to lead the National League again in that category in 2015.

9. Adrian Gonzalez– The 2014 season saw Gonzalez knock in 116 runs for the Dodgers. The lineup has changed quite a bit going into the current year. He may not hit 30 homers or knock in 105 runs but he is still going to put up solid numbers.

10. Freddie Freeman– There is plenty to worry about with Freeman with most of his offense gone from 2014. He should still hit 20-25 home runs though and knock in 85-90 runs but shouldn’t be taken as high as he was last year.


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