1. Troy Tulowitzki– Some people aren’t going to want to touch this pick but Tulo did hit 21 homers in just 91 games last season while batting .340 with 18 doubles. If he is healthy, he is going to be worth taking late in the first round or early in the second.

2. Ian Desmond- It has been a solid last three years for Desmond with over 20 homers in each season. He seems to have found his stride and another season in Washington with 20-25 home runs, 85-90 RBI and a batting average around .275 seems accurate.

3. Hanley Ramirez– There are lots of changes here with Ramirez who appears headed for left field in Boston but will still be a shortstop for fantasy to begin the year. He hit just 13 homers last season but should benefit from the Red Sox lineup in 2015.

4. Jose Reyes– The steal numbers may not be where they were a few years ago but Reyes still hit .287 last season with nine homers and 30 stolen bases. He is going to find a way to add to those stats in 2015 with an improved Blue Jays lineup.

5. Starlin Castro– There are trade rumors around Castro with the Cubs but he is too consistent not to take after hitting 14 homers last season with a .292 average. There aren’t going to be many better choices than Castro later in the draft.

6. Elvis Andrus– The numbers went down last season but even after being caught stealing 15 times; he remains a high-quality shortstop for fantasy. A solid batting average and the doubles numbers boost him up here.

7. Alexei Ramirez– Plenty to like about Ramirez who has played in exactly 158 games each of the last four seasons. He hit 15 homers last season and stole 21 bases. He has a chance to be a late sleeper for some rosters.

8. Jimmy Rollins– A move to Los Angeles will be interesting on Rollins after hitting 17 homers last season in Philadelphia. He will have a great lineup around him so it is likely he matches many of his 2014 statistics.

9. Ben Zobrist– Another player who moved this offseason with Zobrist going from Tampa Bay to Oakland. He hit just ten home runs last season and there are serious worries about his production this year. The versatility though is what rules the day.

10. Erick Aybar– Solid, solid, solid would be how to describe Aybar. He has 30 doubles in each of the last four seasons and has stolen at least 12 bases in each of the last six years. He is a perfect piece to fit in late.


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