How To Know If You’re Ready for the Chop

I recently chopped several inches off of my hair. It was my first real haircut in years, so it was a big change. But I’ve got to say, I’m loving my short haircut so far! Many of my friends who want to cut their hair too, are nervous about making the chop. Today I wanted to address those questions and concerns my friends had. Here are the things to consider before getting a major haircut…

Is everything else in your life stable?

I understand the instinct to chop your hair off right after a breakup or other major life change. But as nice as it is to start fresh, you’re also more likely to make a rash decision you’ll regret. So if you’re considering making a big change to your look, try to do it when everything else in your life is status quo.

Can you take it slow?

When I told my hairstylist Marie that I wanted a bob, she literally refused to cut it. Instead, she suggested I cut a little bit off first and get used to playing with my new texture and length before really going for it. She cut my hair three weeks in a row, taking it from a lob to a true bob. If you think you want a bob, I definitely recommend trying a lob first and seeing how you like it. It really does make the transition a lot easier and also gives you a chance to change your mind.

Are you prepared for high maintenance?

It’s a big misconception that shorter hair is easier to care for. Yes, you might save a little time shampooing.  But it takes more time to style shorter hair, and you will also have to get more frequent trims (every 4-6 weeks) to maintain your short cut. Now that my hair is short, my go-to ballerina bun is no longer an option and I have to actually style it every single day.

If you answered yes to all three questions, then you are ready for a short haircut!

I know it seems silly to put so much thought into getting a haircut, but as anyone who has ever had a bad haircut knows, it’s best to really be sure about these things!

Are you considering cutting your hair?

I hope my advice helped!

XO Elizabeth

P.S. If you do end up hating your haircut, all is not lost… Here’s a post on how to make your hair grow faster.

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