Marshawn Lynch is the Most Valuable RB

The Seattle Seahawks have been to back-to-back Super Bowls, and one of the main reasons was the presence of Marshawn Lynch. Marshawn was talked about for his inspirational media interviews, but he was great on the football field as well. This past season he put up almost 1700 total yards and 17 touchdowns. But after 9 seasons, Beast Mode is ready to hang up the cleats. It has been reported that the Seahawks are willing to pay him $11 million next season for his return. This would make him the second highest paid RB, and truly exemplifies the need of his abilities in Seattle. At 29 years old, he still is having great season after great season. His production is almost irreplaceable.

I wanted to point out that it would be harder for the Seahawks to replace Marshawn Lynch than it would be for a team like the Chiefs to replace Jamaal Charles. An argument can be made that either one of these running backs is the best in the league, and both would be very hard to replace. The main thing is that the Chiefs have Knile Davis who is just as productive as Jamaal Charles when he is in the game. The Seahawks are not blessed with such a capable replacement, thus increasing the need to maintain Marshawn.

Marshawn Lynch is Seattle’s offense. The reason they were able to go back to the Super Bowl this year, even though they weren’t as good, was because they can run the ball so effectively. The presence of Lynch masks the offense’s biggest weaknesses, such as the lack of a play making receiver or having a less than average offensive line. Marshawn might even be the best receiver on the team as well. The only other player I can think of that would be as big of a loss as Marshawn to their team is Arian Foster. But with Foster’s injuries the Texans have proved they can be still be ok without Foster on the field.

We will see how the Seahawks fair without Marshawn, if not next season then at least in a couple years. They are smart to give him as much money as he wants because he is the reason for their recent success, and without him their team will not come close to the success they have had over the past two seasons.


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