NFL 2015 Combine

From the 17th to the 23rd all of college footballs greatest prospects had the opportunity to further prove their abilities and secure their spot in the upcoming 2015 NFL draft. Over these last four days who truly proved that they were the best?

40 yard dash: Top 3

1. JJ. Nelson (WR) 4.28 seconds from UAB

2. Trae Williams (CB) 4.31 seconds from Michigan St.

3. Phillip Dorsett (WR) 4.33 from Miami

Bench Press: Top 3

1. Ereck Flowers (OT) 37 from Miami

2. Mitch Morse (OG) 36 from Missouri

3. Vic Beasley (OLB) 35 from Clemson

Vert Jump: Top 3

1. Chris Conley (WR) from Georgia sets new NFL Combine best, with a height of 45

2. Bryon Jones (CB) 44.5 from Connecticut

3. Ameer Abdullah (RB) 42.5 from Nebraska

Broad Jump: Top 3

1. Byron Jones (CB) from Connecticut not only gets 2nd in Vert jump but sets new NFL combine best of 12’3″ in the broad jump.

2. Chris Conley (WR) from Georgia also first in Vert Jump, goes 11’7″

3. Bud Dupree (OLB) 11’6″ from Kentucky

3 Cone Drill: Top 3

1. Justin Coleman (CB) 6.61 seconds from Tennessee

2. Justin Hardy (WR) 6.63 seconds from East Carolina

3. Mario Alford (WR) 6.64 seconds from West Virginia

20 Yard Shuttle: Top 3

1. Bobby Mccain (CB) from Memphis just misses the combine’s best of 3.81 seconds with a time of 3.82 seconds

2. Kevin Johnson (CB) 3.89 seconds from Wake Forest

3. Byron Jones (CB) from Connecticut whom set new best in broad jump and 2nd in vert jump runs a solid 3.94 seconds

60 Yard Shuttle: Top 3

1. Once again Byron Jones clearly had an incredible day the CB from Connecticut runs 10.98 seconds

2. Melvin Gordon (RB) 11.00 seconds from Wisconsin

3. Ben Heeney (ILB) 11.06 seconds from Kansas

An impressive combine for 2015, setting two new combine best in the broad and vert jumps. These athletes competitiveness never stops, playing football or not these prosperous athletes never fail to perform. Although I have only listed three top 3 of each events many other athletes brought their A games. Among the QB’s Marcus Mariota and Nick Marshall dominated, each coming top 3 in 4 events. Brett Hudley comes just short of them coming top 3 in only 3 events. Marcus Mariota from Oregon runs an impressive 4.52 second 40 yard dash coming 1st among the QB’s. He also comes 3rd among the QB’s in the broad jump going 10’1″ and tied with Bryce Petty from Baylor. Mariota comes 1st in the 3 cone drill running an outstanding 6.87 seconds and finally runs a solid 4.11 seconds to come 3rd in the 20 yard shuttle. Nick Marshall from Auburn also had a superb day among the QB’s, coming 2nd in the 40 yard dash with a time if 4.54 seconds. Marshall was the only QB to participate in the bench press getting in a total of 12. Marshall went 2nd in the broad jump with a distance of 10’4″ and finally goes 1st in the vert jump with a height of 37.5. Brett Hudley from UCLA came 3rd in the vert jump with a height of 36, 3rd in the 3 cone drill with a speed of 6.93 seconds and 1st in the 20 yard shuttle with an outstanding time of 3.98 setting a new QB best. Among the RB’s Ameer Abdullah from Nebraska completely shattered the competition coming top 3 in 5 events. Adbullah came 1st in the vert jump with a height of 42.5. He also controlled the broad jump, 3 cone drill and 20 yard shuttle once again coming in first. In broad jump he landed a distance of 10’10”, in the 3 cone drill he ran a notable time of 6.79 seconds and in the 20 yard shuttle he ran a speedy 3.95 seconds. Finally he came 3rd in the 60 yard shuttle with a time of 11.18 seconds. Among the WR’s Chris Conley from Georgia had a profound performance setting a new overall combine best in the vert jump with a height of 45 and sets a WR best in the broad jump with a distance of 11’7″. He also came 3rd in the 40 yard dash running 4.35 seconds. Within the TE’s Mycole Pruitt from Souther Illinois makes a statement with 4 wins in the top 3. He landed top 3 in the 60 yard dash, 40 yard shuttle, vert jump and 20 yard shuttle. In the 60 yard dash Pruitt came 3rd with a time of 11.85, in the 40 yard shuttle he ran a speed of 4.58 seconds coming 1st and in the 20 yard dash he came 3rd with 4.37 seconds. He also came 1st in the vert jump with a height of 38. Among the safeties Justin Cox from Mississippi St. destroys the competition with 5 events in the top 3. Performing solidly among the DL’s Omawaghe Odighizuwa also came top 3 in 5 events. The LB’s had an obvious leader, Vic Beasley of Clemsen who had 4 events in top 3. Likewise within the CB’s Byron Jones from Connecticut demolished the competition with an impressive 5 events in top 3. And lastly within the offensive linemen 3 athletes stood out all with 3 events in the top 3. These athletes include Jake Fisher of Oregon, Ali Marpet of Hobart and WIlliam Smith and Laurence Gibson from Virginia Tech. And that concludes the 2015 NFL combine, many of our most beloved top college athletes competed to be noticed, and we will see who’s been noticed the most in our upcoming NFL draft April 30th- May 2nd.


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