The Dating Game: To Text or Not to Text?

The Dating Game: To Text or Not to Text?

Here’s the scene: You just went out with a cute guy on a great date. Things were left on a positive note and the following day you want to text him. Or maybe not because that would seem too needy…or maybe yes because it was such a perfect night! Ah!!! Do you text him or not?

I think it’s safe to say that this is one of the most common topics during Sunday brunch with my friends. Personally, I always prefer to play it cool. I know it may seem old fashioned, but I think a guy should be the first to text. That said it’s always good to feel out the situation. If you and “lover boy” have a mutual friend, ask your friend if they heard anything about the date. Otherwise, I think it’s best to hold out. If you do decide to text him and don’t get a response, it’s safe to assume that he isn’t as into it as you are. At this point, delete his number and move on.

What do you do when you’ve just gone on a great date with a guy and he hasn’t called or texted you two days after your night out? Would you text him?

Have any more “Dating Game” questions for me? Leave them in the comments below.

XO Elizabeth


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