Breaking News: Adrian Peterson Reinstated


Vikings running back Adrian Peterson has won a major victory in the courtroom of Judge David Doty.

Doty ruled today in Peterson’s favor on his appeal of the suspension that he was handed after Peterson pleaded no contest to reckless assault on his son. Peterson and the NFL Players Association argued that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was wrong to apply a new policy to Peterson for an act he committed before that policy was put into place. Judge Doty agreed.

That means Peterson will be reinstated to the Vikings. It’s unclear whether he’ll play for the Vikings, get traded to another team or get released, but he now becomes an active NFL player and goes off the suspended list.

Peterson has indicated that he does want to play this year, but there are multiple reports that he wants to go elsewhere because he feels the Vikings did not support him. The Vikings have said they expect Peterson to play for them this year.

Good for AP, it’s about time he was let back into the NFL. I think he has lost all his respect for the Minnesota Vikings, and he will chose to play for another team in 2015. I see him going to the Dallas Cowboys. They need a running back because DeMarco Murray wants too much money and AP could be that guy. AP is from Texas so it would be a match made in heaven.

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