Bush is on the move again

Well that didn’t last long, Reggie Bush was cut by Detroit today, and thus the wait for this soon to be 30 year old continues. What’s the wait you ask ? Let’s not kid ourselves, ever since Bush did the spectacular every Saturday at USC, we’ve all been waiting for that to transpire on Sundays. Bush has had some phenomenal games in the NFL, we just haven’t seen enough of them.  There was plenty of excitement with him signing with the Lions. The thought of Stafford-Bush-Megatron lighting up the scoreboard sent many a fantasy football owner to draft these guys early. The first year went well, Bush rushed for over 1,000 yards however the team was lousy under Jim Schwarz.

Bush still pique the interest of many football fans because we want him to make defenders miss like he did at USC. The breakaway speed that rendered defenders helpless in college is always in the back of our minds. Many teams will be interested in signing Bush, but at the right price. Admitting the bias I have as a Jets fan, It would be nice to see him here replacing Chris Johnson. Bush has many of the same attributes as Tiki Barber , so why hasn’t he been as successful ?

The Lions prior to signing Bush had to go back to the days of Barry Sanders to find a running back that created so much buzz. Bush to Seattle because of his obvious connection with Pete Carroll. Then again the Rams could use help as could  so many other teams.

Bush will get another chance because he still has enough speed to cause headaches in the secondary. On March 2 which is this upcoming Tuesday he will be on the clock. At 30 he will have reached the age when his skills are questioned even more. 30 year old running backs are not in demand unless your team is looking for a change of pace third down guy. The Lions were not going to pay him his 2015 salary especially with Bush coming off a mediocre season.

Bush to the Buccaneeers may work warm weather city, Jameis Winston, Mike Evans, they are going to have to figure what to do with Doug Martin. Something tells me a certain owner in Texas may get involved here.


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