There were plenty of moves that the Toronto Blue Jays made before the 2014 season to improve their roster. It led to Toronto winning 83 games last year. There have been even more changes made that will make the offense one of the most dangerous in all of Major League Baseball. Here are the three biggest questions for the team going into the spring.

1. What will Russell Martin and Josh Donaldson fit in? The two biggest additions to the Blue Jays come in with their own positives. Martin solidifies the catcher position while Donaldson is an upgrade over Brett Lawrie at third base. The middle of the Toronto lineup could combine for 100 home runs between Donaldson, Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion. The two will make American League East pitchers have some sleepless nights.

2. Could four starters win 15 games? While R.A. Dickey, Mark Buehrle, Drew Hutchison and Marcus Stroman are going to give up some runs, that offense is going to allow each of them to rack up some big win totals in 2015. It will all depend on health as well but going into the season, there is no reason not to believe that those four could end up making up one of the best starting rotations all season long in baseball.

3. Is the bullpen going to be a problem? It’s going to be a new closer in Brett Cecil who has never held the job full-time before. Steve Delabar has been an All-Star in the past but there are some things to worry about. The starters will need to get fairly deep into games to avoid the front end of the bullpen. If Cecil can find his way to 30-35 saves with Delabar being the bridge to the ninth inning, it may not turn into as big of an issue but it is still something to worry about.

It’s going to turn into a three-team race in the AL East with the Blue Jays, Red Sox and Orioles. Toronto though is a team that is well on their way to an 85-88 win season in 2015. There are simply too many positives to outweigh the negatives to begin the year. The additions of Martin and Donaldson will make a bigger difference than initially thought.


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