Alex Guerrero To Play Third Base In 2015?

The Los Angeles  Dodgers cuban infielder Alex Guerrero is willing to play third base in the 2015 season. Last year was his first year in the USA and the Dodgers. In Cuba he played Shortstop, then the Dodgers signed him to play second base. He started his career in Triple-A last season and was a September call up along with Joc Pederson.

Alex Guerrero played third base on Friday versus the Milwaukee Brewers. He was supposed to start at second base last season but Dodgers manager Don Mattingly decided to have Dee Gordon and Alex Guerrero play for the starting spot at second. Dee Gordon ended up winning that spot which made the Dodgers send down Alex Guerrero to Triple-A.

I believe Alex Guerrero hit seventeen homers in Triple-A last season even though homers don’t really matter. Alex Guerrero had a homer last spring and he’s already got a homer this spring. Guerrero batting average is .667 so far this spring. Here is Alex Guerrero’s stats from Triple-A last season: .364/.613/.978. Alex seemed like a bit of a MVP candidate in Triple-A.

This is Alex Guerrero’s second season with the Dodgers and with organization. He was a baseball player with a Cuba team. The Dodgers signed Alex Guerrero last offseason and his contract was a 4-year deal. I believe that Alex Guerrero will be starting the 2015 season in the MLB this time and the Dodgers are questionable where he’s going to mostly play.

I think Alex Guerrero was supposed to be the starting Shortstop then the Dodgers traded for Phillies all time hit leader Jimmy Rollins. Alex Guerrero has an decent amount of power for a infielder even though I said earlier, power doesn’t really matter. I think the Alex Guerrero is going to be a good player for the Dodgers soon. He can end playing every position in the infield.

Again, like I said, Alex Guerrero played shortstop in Cuba, came to USA and the Dodgers to play second base and now the Dodgers are saying that he can play third base. I think he can be a good third basemen. If Uribe doesn’t come back to the Dodgers next year, maybe Alex Guerrero can play third base.


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