Interior defensive lineman who can stuff the run and pressure the QB will always be in demand. In order for a defense to be great its interior must be exceptionally strong. There are plenty of lineman in this free agent class that are capable of improving a team’s interior on the trenches.

1. Ndamukong Suh – Fits: (OAK, JAC, MIA) – A defensive player as dominant as Suh hasn’t hit the market since Reggie White brought “the sack to the pack”. Suh is a complete freak of nature on the inside and is capable of dominating an OL all by himself. That’s a talent that will have teams salivating. Oakland in particular. The Raiders have a few good players on defense but adding a player of Suh’s caliber would transform the defense overall. Suh also has that nasty Raider personality which is great. Jacksonville is another nice fit for Suh. The Jags have a ton of money to throw at him and are located in Florida witch has no state income tax. I’m sure Gus Bradley is pounding the table for Suh as he’s a player that you build your defense around. However, the team thats the best fit for Suh is also the team thats been getting the most buzz on Suh. The Miami Dolphins boast two stellar DEs in Wake and Vernon. Adding Suh in the middle would make that DL downright terrifying. Miami could pull off his contract with some creativity and they also reside in Florida. If Suh wants to get paid and also compete, Miami should be his new home. – Best Fit: MIA

2. Terrance Knighton – Fits: (OAK, GB, DET) – For teams that want run-suffocating DT, Knighton is your man. Number 98 swallows up blocks and demolishes RBs before they get a chance to get going. The most obvious fit for Knighton would be Oakland where his former DC Jack Del Rio is now the HC. Knighton would get a fat contract while playing in a defense he’s already familiar with. Green Bay is an interesting option for Knighton. They don’t usually spend big money on FAs but Knighton would fills their NT hole. Green Bay has money to spend and present Knighton with a great shot at a Super Bowl. Finally, I could see Detroit as a possible fit for the big man. They’re set to lose both Suh and Fairley and will need to bring in at least one veteran to fill up their spots. Knighton’s best fit is in Oakland where he’d be very comfortable in the system and with his paycheck. – Best Fit: OAK

3. Jared Odrick – Fits: (MIA, SD, IND) – Jared Odrick is a very underrated DT in the NFL. He’s scheme versatile and has produced well for the Dolphins in his tim there. His best fit is at DE in a 3-4 scheme but he’s been quite effective for Miami as a DT. The Dolphins would love to have him back if they end up striking out on Suh. Odrick is a high-character guy with plenty of talent and youth left in him. Odrick would have plenty of teams clamoring for his services if he did leave. Chief among them would be San Diego. San Diego’s DL is Corey Liuget and not much else. Adding Odrick would give them two good pass-rushing DEs to go along with their OLBs. Indianapolis would also be a great fit for Odrick as they attempt to build a defense capable of supporting Luck. I like San Diego as Odrick’s best fit. They need to add pieces quickly before Rivers starts to decline and Odrick boosts their DL to a whole other level.

4. Nick Fairley – Fits: (DET, CIN, IND) – Fairley could easily be #2 on this list if he actually gave his full effort all the time. Unfortunately he doesn’t which causes him to fall. Fairley is still a good player, but he could be great if he tried hard enough. The Lions know this and will be trying to bring him back in order to try and mitigate the damage Suh’s exit will cause. Fairley played well for the new coaching staff in 2014 and they have to hold out hope that he’s changed a new leaf. Fairley is still expected to test the market no matter what Detroit thinks. Cincinnati would be a team that fits well with Fairley and could have interest. They need to add another play-maker on the DL and a motivated Fairley next to Geno Atkins is a scary thought. Indianapolis would be the best fit for Fairley. He could line up at 3-4 DE and serve as a huge upgrade. Indy also has the money Fairley wants and wouldn’t be shy giving it to him in hopes that he could be the final piece to a Super Bowl. Also, Fairley playing under Pagano may just be the solution to his work ethic and that would be great news for Indy. – Best Fit: IND

5. Dan Williams – Fits: (ARI, NE, DET) – Williams is another hulking NT capable of destroying a run game. Williams doesn’t offer much else but he’s extremely good at what he does. If he wasn’t the Cardinals wouldn’t want him back and they definitley do. Williams gave them a strong presence in the middle of their DL and allowed their other defenders to make plays. New England could also be interested in Williams as a replacement for Vince Wilfork. Williams would essentially give them a better run-stuffer at the same price which I’m sure Belichick would love. Detroit could also be in play for Williams for the same reason that they’d be interested in Pot Roast. I actually think his best fit would be in New England. Belichick would utilize him correctly and he’d basically fill in the same role as he had in Arizona. But now he’d be on a sure-fire Super Bowl contender.-Best Fits: NE


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