Is Joc Pederson The Next Dodger Legend?

Yes, this is unreasonable after just one game, but he seemed to impressed just about everybody. He is in the Dodgers Top 3 prospects, and he is currently fighting for the starting job at center field with Andre Ethier.

He is the fan-favorite to win, since most of the fans are sick of Andre Ethier, and the best part is if [when] Joc Pederson wins the starting job is that Andre Ethier will likely be getting traded. Today was the first Spring Training game, and Ethier didn’t do much. He went 0-for-2, which Joc Pederson did the oppisite on going 2-for-2. So right now, it looks like Joc Pederson is leading the race. Hopefully Don Mattingly was impressed, because pretty much everyone who watched today’s game was.

Now lets get to the main reason why Joc Pederson could be the next big thing for the Dodgers. His stats. Especially last season in Triple-A, where he slashed .303/.435/.582 along with 33 homeruns, in just 121 games. Those stats are very impressive, and some people are already starting to comparing him to Mike Trout. Mike Trout is clearly the best player in baseball, who won the 2014 AL MVP Award. Since Joc Pederson didn’t have enough games to qualify for Rookie of the Year last season, and has a huge shot at winning this year.

Looking at Joc Pederson’s 2014 Minor League stats, he seems to be projected as one of the league’s most feared hitters, that could go along with a very scary lineup in the future in a few seasons, including Seager, Puig, Grandal, and Dodgers ace, Kershaw, pitching prospects Julio Urias, Grant Homles, with Zach Lee at the back end, seems like it will be very impressive. Even Guerrero seems like he’ll have a good career if he gets a chance to start. The Dodgers still have a great future planned passed the days with Rollins and Kendrick in a few seasons.

Could Joc Pederson be the next Mike Trout, and maybe even better?


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