Panic Mode For Peyton ?

Manning against the Colts in 2014

On Thursday March 5th Peyton Manning announced he would be returning to play in Denver for the 2015 NFL season, this is something that took me by surprise. I thought Peyton Manning would be done or at least done at Denver especially with the recent coaching turnover in Denver. I thought that Kubiak and Manning wouldn’t be on the same page and I thought Peyton Manning would never take a wage cut . Turns out I was wrong.

Denver’s week 9 match-up against New England

After losing to New England in Week 9, the Broncos started to run the ball more with C.J. Anderson (Anderson ran for 680 yards and 5 touchdowns from week 9) this was probably done due to Manning’s poor performance towards the tail end of the season. In the last four games of the season Manning threw 6 interceptions and only had one game where he threw for 300+ yards (311 in week 16 against Cincinnati) this end of season statistic led me to believe that Peyton Manning was done.

However something happened, Manning’s legacy rival Tom Brady won his fourth Superbowl and third SuperBowl MVP. This theoretically makes Brady the better Quaterback (since four SuperBowl rings are better than one) and potentially makes Brady the greatest of all time. I think this is the main reason why Manning has decided to play in the 2015 season.

Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, who do you think is better ?

This is Peyton Manning’s final effort at a second SuperBowl win. This is Peyton Manning’s last chance to stay in the conversation when it comes to greatest of all time and I think he is fully aware of this.


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