The New York Jets have made some noteworthy moves to this point in the offseason. They’ve been able to land Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie to bolster a defensive secondary that desperately needed it. They also put another wide receiver opposite Eric Decker by trading for Brandon Marshall to up their offensive weapons. They now have two legitimate threats at wideout, but they still need to add another play-maker at the position. If he is still available at the 6th overall pick in this year’s NFL Draft, the Jets need to take Amari Cooper.

While bringing in Marshall and veteran quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick were moves in the right direction, the Jets still need to add another offensive game changer to the roster. Someone with speed and the ability to put points on the scoreboard. The Jets ranked 32nd in the NFL at scoring touchdowns inside the 20. They either settled for nothing or got nothing more than a field goal.

Last season with Alabama, Cooper put up incredible numbers, catching 16 touchdowns for 1,727 yards on 124 receptions. He is an elite route runner and has a knack for making big plays after catching a pass. In the red-zone, he is a guy the defense must keep an eye on.

Some experts believe the Jets would be better off to add a pass rusher with the 6th overall pick or trade their pick to move down. Those are definitely options, but if Cooper is there at six, they should absolutely take him. In my opinion, Cooper could be this season’s Odell Beckham Jr. We all know what he did this past season for New York’s other team.

Cooper has the skill-set to push the Jets’ offensive skill player group to the next level. If they are serious about building a contender for this season and future ones, they need to build a powerful offense.

It has been awhile since the Jets had a good offense. Their defense should be very good this season, but they still need to score points to win games, especially when you play the Patriots twice a year.

Cooper can instantly give the Jets an elite young talent at wide receiver, something they have not seen in recent memory. Should the Jets take Cooper in the draft, they may finally be trying to build a winning team.


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