NFL Mock Draft 1.0

Who will be the #1 pick out of these two former Heisman trophy winners?

With the NFL Draft coming up in less than one in a half months, everyone is speculating who should be the top ten players to get drafted. Specifically the #1 player overall, well I’m here to give my not-so-much expert analysis, but, I do know a few things. This will go from 10 to 1.

10.  St Louis Rams: Kevin White, WR, West Virginia: He could very easily be the number one wide receiving prospect behind Amari Cooper. But, he isn’t simply because of the fact that Cooper has better hands, is a better route runner and the fact that Cooper won the Biletnikoff award which should tell you right there who the better receiver is. But, White does have a great leaping ability, has very good speed, and pretty good hands, and with Nick Foles in town (I swear the Rams got away with murder with that one) and a great young receiving core, White should have no problem adapting to Jeff Fisher’s system in St. Louis.

9. New York Giants: Andrus Peat, OT, Stanford: The Giants need a lot of help on offense, but it doesn’t seem like that they’re going to take a receiver solely based on they have an upcoming superstar named Odell Beckham Jr. They need to give Eli Manning a lot of help on the offensive line and this young man can provide them with the help that the really need.

8. Atlanta Falcons: Vic Beasley, LB, Clemson: This young man is an absolute athletic freak of nature with 44.5 tackles for loss his last two seasons at Clemson. He also ran a 4.53 40 yard dash, posted a 41 inch vertical, and benched 35 reps, which is as good as most offensive linemen. The Falcons also need help on defense, and starting off with, in my opinion, the best linebacker in the draft, will most likely help out with the Falcons rebuilding a bit.

7. Chicago Bears: Shane Ray, DE, Missouri: Ray could rejuvenate a battered Bears defensive line, and he could do it by adapting to the 3-4 system John Fox is implementing in Chicago. Ray, the unanimous All-American, is an absolute beast on the front line and if he has a really good pro day, then his value could get higher.

6. New York Jets: Marcus Mariota, QB, Oregon: The Jets have a problem, and it starts at quarterback. Geno Smith and Michael Vick are washing up, and Mariota could provide a big solution to a big problem. And there’s no great quarterback left in free agency. I would put Mariota at #2 or possibly #1 if it didn’t seem like the Titans were so hell-bent at starting Zach Mettenburger (who’s terrible) at quarterback. Mariota is a great quarterback, has had a great combine, and great interviews. If somehow he’s still available at #6, I don’t see why the Jets shouldn’t take him.

5. Washington Redskins: Randy Gregory, DE, Nebraksa: The Redskins also need help at maintaining a good defense, and Randy Gregory in my opinion is just a little bit better than Shane Ray because of his speed, strength, and explosiveness and the fact that he was a really good player on a sub par team.

4. Oakland Raiders: Amari Cooper, WR, Alabama: The Raiders need desperate help at WR, after all James Jones is their best receiver as of right now. Cooper is the best wide receiver in the draft and he could be a great #1 receiver on the team with 4.4 speed, great hands, and polished route running skills, Cooper should be a great pick for Oakland. Their core could get even better if they can pick up Michael Crabtree.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars: Dante Fowler Jr., DE, Florida: Fowler didn’t have the best of seasons while at Florida, but it was because he was playing so many different positions. He’s a freak athlete who posted a 4.61 40 yard dash at 261 pounds. He also benched 19 reps, and has a 32.5 inch vertical, which is very good for a defensive end. He reminds me of Khalil Mack, who has true superstar potential, and he’ll be a good piece to add to Jacksonville, and he won’t have to move far.

2. Tennessee Titans: Leonard Williams, DE, USC: If there wasn’t a dire need for the Buccaneers to take a quarterback with the first pick, then Leonard Williams would be #1 for sure. Williams is the best player in the draft and he is a true aggressive force on the defensive line and he’ll work with Tennessee immediately. Now if it weren’t for Tennessee’s stubbornness with starting Zach Mettenburger at quarterback, then Mariota would be taken at #2 here, but they could settle with Williams. With a 4.97 40 yard dash, 29.5 inch vertical, for a 302 pound lineman, there’s no doubt Williams should be taken here.

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Jameis Winston, QB, Florida State: According to almost everybody, and Winston had a pretty good combine. Not exactly like his freshman year where he was more of an athlete, but he has developed into more of a pocket passer. With a good arm and NFL ready mentality he should be ready to not make the far move to Tampa Bay. The only downside to him is his maturity, and off the field issues. Other than that, he should be a great #1 pick.


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