New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft had to testify today at the Aaron Hernandez murder trial. Kraft who is under the weather was put on the stand and spoke with a raspy voice. The Patriots owner seemed uncomfortable and on more than one occasion told attorneys to repeat there question or wasn’t sure what  kind of question they were asking him. The prosecution started asking Robert Kraft what he did for a living. Kraft responded whatever they tell me to do. Then Kraft was asked about the events of June 19, 2013. Kraft asked what day of the week that was. The attorney reminded him that was a Wednesday. Kraft than recalled arriving at Gillette Stadium here around 8- 830 AM. Than he was asked  by the attorney, if he notice anything unusual that day. Kraft mention he did  there was tons of media outside in the parking lot, and helicopters hovering over the stadium.Kraft then spoke to someone in the organization they let him know what was going on. Meanwhile, Aaron Hernandez was in the stadium in the weight room. Kraft then went to the weight room to speak to Hernandez. Kraft then states that he took Hernandez aside in a office next to the weight room. Kraft asked Hernandez if you had anything to do with what was going on. Kraft than said he was looking to give  Hernandez help because anybody who is a part of this organization is like extended family. Hernandez according to testimony looked Robert Kraft in the eye and said he was innocent. Aaron Hernandez also told Kraft that he couldn’t wait for the timing of this incident to come out. Because Hernandez according to testimony, told craft that he was at a club at the time of the incident. Kraft said the meeting with Hernandez lasted around 5 to 10 minutes. As we found out at the end of the meeting as they did all the time Kraft and Hernandez left with a hug and a kiss for each other. Then it was the defenses turn to ask Kraft questions. The defense started they’re questioning  going through  Aaron Hernandez’s football college resume. When Robert Kraft was asked by the defense attorney where did Hernandez go  to the college Kraft said, Florida the attorney responded the University of Florida. Kraft was not sure, I get confused between those colleges it’s the one with Irvin Meyer he said. The defense than  brought up August 2012 when Erin Hernandez signed a long-term contract for the New England Patriots. Robert Kraft not knowing the details of that contract he said, that he doesn’t do details of contracts he just approved them. Kraft knew Hernandez was signed up to 2018 not remembering if there was any options in the contract. The defense asked if Hernandez donated $50,000 to the Myra Kraft fund after he signed the contract. The prosecution  objected that question and its was sustained by the judge. Kraft was not on the stand for  around 20 minutes. Leaving the court room he was surrounded by media. His only statement was he said he was sad for the Lloyd family. So, if a guy like Robert Kraft looks that  uncomfortable and that nervous, what’s going to happen if Bill Belichick has to take the stand. That’s going to be must-see TV.

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