Slumping Alex Rodriguez Fading Out in 2015

Even with his 660 career home runs, Alex Rodriguez is in the middle of a slump.

To quote Neil Young, “It’s better to burn out than to fade away.” Whether you believe it’s true or not, Alex Rodriguez is doing the latter.

Following a hot start to the 2015 season, A-Rod’s bat has cooled off and he’s now playing much closer to expectations. On April 17th he was hitting .344 and looked like a serious contender for the Comeback Player of the Year Award. Since then, Rodriguez’s numbers have declined and the amount of times his name has appeared on the lineup card is decreasing. Rodriguez is now hitting .243 with the biggest storyline being that he won’t get paid any bonuses by the New York Yankees for hitting his 660th home run.

Rodriguez’s chances of making the 2015 season a memorable one are thinning quicker than someone on the Slim Fast diet. My crazy rhetorical suggestion that he might even win the American League MVP Award is far more foolish at this point. We’re watching a once great baseball player cling to his cleats as he makes his final attempts at reimagining the public opinion of him. If you’ve ever seen a Tim Burton film, you’ll know how poorly reimagined ideas are. A more realistic idea for Rodriguez to become a good guy would to grow a mustache and insist he’s a completely new player named Alejandro Rodrigues.

The low for Rodriguez aside from his management hating his guts came on April 29th when he went 0 for 6 with 4 strikeouts and a double play in a 13-inning affair with the Tampa Bay Rays. The Yankees went on to lose the game—not that Rodriguez even noticed.

Will Rodriguez turn his season around and get back to slugging like the good old days or is his career headed out of the blue and into the black?


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