It sure looks like Marcus Mariota is well ahead of his time, a year ahead of expectation even, according to the Titans coaching staff. The rookie out of Oregon has yet to throw an interception during camp and his accuracy, instincts and command of the huddle have gotten him high praise, not only from the coaching staff but from analyst and fans alike.

The team as a whole has taken so much into his control, that Ian Rapoport has dubbed it as “it is simply his team”.

Kurt Warner, now an NFL analyst and of course the start at Arizona during his Cardinals venture and the leader of the greatest show on earth has had quite some praise for the young rookie.

“One of the things that most impresses me is how he handles the situations, controlling the line line of scrimmage and controlling the huddle. So, all those questions I had, I’m seeing now he’s way ahead of the ballgame in regards to where you maybe thought he was before, to where he’s at now. I think you’re seeing a kid that’s much further along than definitely I would have expected him to be, coming from where he was, and much further along than where most people expected him to be.”

So, there is plenty of praise, and excitement surrounding Mariota, now all that’s left is to see it unfold on the field in an actual NFL game, and that, you can believe we are all excited to see.


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