Anytime that you’re cut from your team due to off the field issues you can be certain that you’ll end up here. Aldon Smith ended his football season, and potentially his career, before any games were even played. Smith was released by the San Francisco 49ers Friday after he was arrested on Thursday on DUI, hit & run, and vandalism charges. Since entering the league in 2011 Smith has already been arrested three times for drunk driving.

I’m not sure that another team will take a chance on Aldon Smith right away. I think that he needs to prove to teams that he can make it at least one full season without being arrested. I think that Smith really needs to look at himself and get the help that is being offered to him before he completely ruins his life. At a certain point it doesn’t matter how good you are at a sport anymore. If you are not capable of staying out of off-field trouble, you will not be worth an NFL team’s time and money.

Anquan Boldin said it best when he stated “Football doesn’t come into play when it comes to a situation like that. My whole thought is just making sure he’s OK as a person.” Take the advice of you friends and family Aldon. Get your life back in order so that you can attempt to get your career back on track as well.


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