Updates Emerge about Kane and his Allegations

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    |    August 09, 2015

My last article about Patrick Kane and his alleged rape of a woman at his Hamburg, NY home, brought about, as expected, a lot of debate and discussion.  I understand he, like everyone else in the United States, is innocent till proven guilty, and in no way am I saying he is guilty.  I am just gathering information and writing about it while also giving my opinion.  I did speak to, however, that if he is charged his career will be over, and I still stand by that statement. New details have emerged over the last couple days, and it does not look good for the 3-time Stanley Cup winner.  It was confirmed Saturday that Kane had retained lawyer, Paul Cambria, who also represented Kane during his 2009 assault case. (According to AP Globe and Mail).  Earlier today, more details about the night of the incident have also been reported.  The woman, alleged that Kane invited her and her friend back to his home after leaving a popular bar in downtown Buffalo.  Sources told the Buffalo News that the young woman who has accused the hockey superstar of rape had bite marks on her shoulders and a scratch on her leg after the alleged attack.  She also stated to authorities that Kane followed her into a room that she went into by herself and then Kane overpowered her and raped her.

Patrick Kane’s Hamburg, NY Home

Sources also told the Buffalo News that the woman left Kane’s home with her friend and used a cellphone to call a relative immediately after leaving.  Afterwards, she was then taken to a local hospital for examination and police were notified afterward.  The Buffalo News also states that a person who knows the accuser said she was “frantic and traumatized” when she called her relative to report what happened.  The incident occurred at about 4 am, about an hour after Kane was seen at the popular nightclub downtown.

This investigation will continue and as it does more and more details will emerge, but at this moment right now, it does not look good for Kane.  He was confirmed at the nightclub and the accuser called a relative immediately after the attack.  She went to the hospital and police were notified.  She had bite marks and scratches as well. Kane has not been charged on any of the allegations but there is now no denying that Kane is the accusers suspect.  Kane held a private viewing with family and friends Saturday with the Stanley Cup after thoughts were he might not even have the cup after the latest turn of events.  As stated in my first article about the incident, it could take weeks or even a month before Kane is charged, if at all, but today’s news does not help the 26 year old’s case.

All information courtesy of The Buffalo News and The Globe and Mail


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