How to Host: A Ladies’ Night In

I think it’s safe to say that we’re not the only ones who look forward to the weekend.  However, it’s always nice to have a little bit of time off to catch up with friends, explore the city and just plain relax. A couple of weeks ago, I got to chatting about how fun it would be to have our very own ladies’ night in… because sometimes staying in with your best girlfriends is even more fun than going out. So, that’s exactly what we did…

Since there’s a bit of planning that goes into the perfect ladies’ night in, we decided to document our evening for you and write up a step-by-step tutorial on how to host one of your very own.

So, without further ado, here is the guide on how to host your very own ladies’ night in…

Get Your Invites Out

the first thing you need to know about how to host a girls’ night in |

The first thing you’ll want to do when planning a night in with your best girls is send out invites! While you could definitely just send a group text or email, we think there’s something special about actually sending out an invite. I went online and designed a super cute e-invite for our guests, which only took a few minutes to put together (there are tons of sites out there that you can use like Paperless Post and Punchbowl). Not only will they get your guests excited with a cute little note sent straight to their email inbox, but it will also track RSVP’s for you. Fun and functional.

Pick Up The Necessities

supplies for the perfect ladies’ night in {flowers, champagne, and Lindt HELLO Bites}

On the day of your ladies’ night in (or even the day before), you’ll need to head out and shop for all of the food, drinks and décor for your get-together. We decided to have a casual movie night on the rooftop at one of our editor’s houses, which helped us choose what to buy. I went for fresh flowers to make small arrangements, a bottle of bubbly (no explanation needed), ingredients to make a cheese plate, and some popcorn. Oh, and how could we forget dessert! We picked up some bags of new Lindt HELLO Bites to make sure we’d satisfy our guests’ sweet tooths. Not only are they inspired by classic American flavors (pretzeltoffee and mint), but they’re also perfect for a casual get together. These sweet bite-sized premium chocolates are already unwrapped and come in resealable bags, making them perfect for grabbing a handful and passing around at your next girls’ night.

Prep Your Space  

how to host a rooftop ladies’ night in |

Before your guests arrive, you’ll want to spruce up your place a bit. We went with a cozy, boho vibe that involved twinkling lights, Guatemalan blankets, comfy pillows, lots of seating options and a few floral arrangements. 

The perfect spread for a girls’ night in… flowers, champagne, Lindt HELLO Bites, popcorn and a cheese plate! {click through for more tips}

Then, we set up the food & drink spread! What’s better for a ladies’ night in than a cheese plate, a bottle of champagne and some bite-sized chocolates? 

Lindt HELLO Bites are an essential ingredient for a sweet ladies’ night in

Since we were going to watch a movie, we also included some popcorn… but I think it’s safe to say that we conveniently snacked on the Lindt HELLO Bites (which we displayed in mismatched bowls) more than anything else!

Welcome Wagon


there’s nothing better than a night in with your best girlfriends |

After all of that planning and prepping, the moment that your guests arrive is pretty exciting. When they get there, you’ll want to take their jackets and bags, and also offer a cocktail! This is when the fun starts…

Snack & Sip

movie night essentials: champagne, popcorn, a cheese plate, and premium chocolate from Lindt HELLO Bites {yum}

No get together is complete without food and drink, so for our ladies’ night in we went with a few of our favorite things. First, we put together a delicious meat and cheese plate. We also popped some popcorn, because what’s a movie night without it? There was also a bottle of champagne on hand for us to sip on. And last but not least, premium chocolate… to satisfy our sweet tooth, we turned to the ready-to-eat, poppable Lindt HELLO Bites! If you’re craving something sweet, a handful of these bites will do the trick.

cheers to girls’ night! {tips for hosting one of your own on}


popcorn and chocolate = the perfect pair


this is how you do a ladies’ movie night in…

It’s so fun when there’s something for everyone. These delicious little bites are available for purchase at major retailers nationwide, Lindt Chocolate Shops and on

Start the Screening

movie night done right |

After the sun started to set, it was time to begin our movie. We decided to watch Bridesmaids (Clueless was our 2nd choice), and it did not disappoint. I think we’ve all seen Bridesmaids more times than we can count, and we still laughed non-stop.

Team’s Movie Night

Have Fun!


Don’t forget to enjoy yourself! Sometimes, planning a party or even just a small get together can be a tiny bit stressful. But once your guests have arrived and you’re in the swing of things, feel free to let loose, cheers with your besties and have as much fun as possible.

XO Elizabeth


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