Safe Swaps: How to Detox Your Bathroom Cabinets in 5 Simple Steps

From clean eating to oil pulling, we spend a lot of time thinking about what we put into our bodies and how to detox our diets. But just as important as what goes into your body is what kind of products you bring into your home. So recently, our editors all made a pact to make over the room in our homes where less than idea products are most often found: the bathroom. We thought of it as a juice cleanse for our medicine cabinets (minus the hunger headache)! Because we can eat as clean as can be, but if we’re still using toothpaste, deodorant, and shampoo that contain questionable ingredients, we’re compromising our health. And no one needs that, right?

For those of you who have little ones or pets at home, this is even more important! Being mindful of the ingredients in your bath products, cleaning products, and personal care items is a great way to live the safest and healthiest lifestyle possible, for every family member.

So what’s a busy girl to do? Instead of spending hours reading labels at the grocery store in search of safe products, we simply turned to our friends at The Honest Company. It’s a brand we can trust to be safe and effective, and their bundle system makes it easy and affordable to keep your cabinets stocked. So, let’s get to it! Read on to see our favorite Honest Company products and learn some tips for keeping your bathroom cabinets full of plant-based, safe and effective products and your life a little bit healthier…

It's time to makeover your medicine cabinet!

1. Make Over Your Medicine Cabinet
Is it just us, or does your medicine cabinet seem to magically accumulate more products than you ever remember using? Start by doing a clean sweep and tossing out any expired products you find. But be aware that when medicine is tossed into the garbage or flushed down the toilet, it can end up tainting our landfill sites and water supply with chemicals. So, ideally, bring back any unused medicines to the pharmacy for proper, eco-friendly disposal. If you’re looking to purchase more naturally derived over-the-counter remedies going forward, there are a few easy swaps you can make…

When you’re shopping for cough syrups, look for ones without dyes or too much added sugar. For chest congestion, we recommend The Honest Company’s lavender and rosemary scented Honest Organic Breathe Easy Rub. It’s safe enough to use on an infant, which means it’s also great for anyone with sensitive skin. When it comes to a multivitamin, our go-to is the Women’s Complete Once Daily from The Honest Company. Gentle and uniquely formulated with a targeted blend of antioxidants, superfoods, probiotics, and digestive enzymes and is made without dyes, sweeteners, preservatives, parabens, phthalates and other additives that some other brands may have. If you haven’t already, we also recommend swapping out your conventional toothpaste for something without artificial sweeteners, dyes, and especially the foaming agent SLS (Sodium Laurel Sulfate). It’s not always easy to find an SLS-free toothpaste, so we’re so happy that The Honest Company toothpaste fits the bill!

Play it safe under the sink with Honest Co.

2. Play It Safe Under the Sink
After the medicine cabinet, it’s time to move on to the cabinets under the sink. A low-to-the-ground cabinet is the spot that curious babies and pets are the most likely to get into, so it’s super important to rid them from anything dangerous. Even with close supervision and safety locks, why risk it? If you ask us, there’s really no need to ever keep harsh, chemical cleaning supplies on hand, even if it’s a kid or pet-free zone. The Honest Company’s plant-based cleaning products work just as well, but are safe for you and your family and don’t have that noxious chemical smell. The Honest Company has a full range of safe and effective cleaning products, but you’ll want to keep your bathroom cabinet well-stocked with at least the Multi-Surface CleanerBathroom Cleaner, and the totally streak-free Glass + Window Cleaner for a gentle yet effective clean.

Cleaning your bathroom the natural way.

3. Use a Responsibly Made Toilet Bowl Cleaner
It goes without saying that you really want to get this area of your powder room good and clean. Using homemade cleaning solutions is always an option for many other areas of the house, but you want to make sure your toilet is getting a really good scrubbing. That’s why we love that The Honest Company Toilet Cleaner  is effective while also being plant-based and safe for you and your family. Another tip is to make sure you are disinfecting or replacing your toilet brush every so often. If you don’t want to use bleach, washing it with hot water and rubbing alcohol will do the trick.

Green your bath and body routine.

4. Green Your Bath and Body Routine
Most people don’t even think of their shampoo as being a possible source of environmental toxins like they do cleaning supplies. But while you’re getting your bathroom good and green, you might as well swap out your personal care products, too. The Honest Co. has so many plant-based bath and body products that we love. From shampoo and organic shave oil to deodorant and facial towelettes, everything is pure and free from most common allergens.

5. Go for Safe & Reliable Feminine Care
We are so excited about the latest from The Honest Company: feminine care products. It might seem a little silly to get so excited about tampons and liners, but hear us out… With all the talk about toxic shock syndrome in the news lately, we are well aware that a great alternative is to use 100% organic cotton feminine care products. And since you potentially use over 11,000 tampons in your lifetime (crazy, right?), we also think it pays off to be a smart consumer and only use products made without synthetic rayon, artificial fragrances, dyes, and deodorants. Oh, and did we mention that the packaging is way chicer than any tampon box we’ve ever laid eyes on before?

We hope that these tips help you turn your bathroom into into a worry-free safe haven, filled with long, relaxing bubble baths. Sounds pretty nice right about now…

Which Honest Company product are you most excited to try?

XO Elizabeth


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