Tone It Up: The 3-Minute Thighs Workout

Tone It Up's 3 Minute Thigh Workout!

When putting together new workouts, one thing we always strive for is flexibility!They also make amazing add-ons to your current routine if you’re looking to give it a boost. These eight exercises are meant to be done at rapid-fire speed, with no rest in between so that you get that heart rate up while you work out your thighs and tone your lower body. Of course, if you have more time, go through the sequence up to four times through.

Ready to go? Grab a pair of 3-5 pound dumbbells for the first four exercises and get ready to feel the burn!

It's time to tone those thighs with this 3 minute workout from Tone It Up!

Be sure to pin this image so you can have it on hand the next time you head to the gym. Or, if you have 3-5 pound weights at home, this routine is a great one to do on your own (with an awesome workout playlist playing, of course).

Will you give this 3-minute thighs workout a try this summer?

XO Elizabeth


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