Jordy Nelson Torn His ACL, Could Miss All Of 2015

Jordy Nelson appeared to injury his knee on a 8-yard pass from Aaron Rodgers on Sunday. The injury was non-contact related and he was able to walk/limp off the field on his own power. However initial diagnosis was a torn ACL, if this is this case Nelson will not be expected to take part in Green Bays 2015 campaign.

After the game concluded the Packers players and staff were forced to give their mandatory time with the media. Almost every question asked involved Jordy Nelson and almost every answer was the same; We’re looking for good news tomorrow.

Nelson is having his knee double checked today and although there is still hope cheeseheads and fantasy footballers alike have already given up. My prayers really do go out to all the people that selected Jordy Nelson in the their fantasy draft tens minutes before the injury occurred, thats gotta be tough to swallow.

If there are any lessons to be learned here it should be that the pre-season should be shortened to two games and all fantasy football drafts should occur after the pre-season.


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