Falling Back in Love With Jesus

It’s not uncommon that I find in myself and also in those around me that, in the pursuit of Jesus Christ, there are moments or periods of time where it seems like we’ve lost that spark. The spark and the hunger to run after Jesus. It’s also not uncommon that I hear from many different believers that they know God and they follow Him, but that they don’t have a relationship with Him. That they don’t know what it’s like to have a passion for Him.

In the fallen world that we live in, it’s easy to become caught up in the things we desire, the activities we have to do, the chores we have to get done, the people we have to talk to, the standard that we have to set.. And because of this, the life that we’re living and the life that we’re pursuing becomes that life that we’re “supposed to live.” Suddenly, God becomes that God we’re “supposed” to serve.. We’ve stopped genuinely loving God and loving ourselves and we become distant. We no longer want to live the way soon is telling us to, and we no longer want to be around our God who seems to do nothing but tell us that we’re worn. Following God becomes more of a chore than an actual desire.


Some friends and I have prayed about and have considered when in our own lives we’ve found that we’ve lost that spark with God and what it took to fall back in love with Him. Why did this happen? How can I serve a God that I’m not passionate about? How can I be worthy of a relationship with Him when He loves me so much and I just don’t know how to love Him? These all might be questions you’ve asked yourself before, they may not be. Regardless, if you’re still reading right now then that means that you must have some interest in finding your way back to God, or to light a fire in your soul that rages for Him. Whether or not that’s you, I urge you to continue reading. you never know the incredible ways that God can show up in your life.

In order to find our way back to falling in love with our mighty Savior, we had to sit and confront some of the things that may have caused us to lose sight of the God we love and the fire burning passion to pursue Him.

I’d be lying if I told you that I didn’t idolize many things because I do. Often times, it’s without even realizing that I have! It is very important to recognize and repent of our idols because the minute that our eyes avert from Jesus and move to something other than him..we create a clear pathway for the devil to gain a foothold in our lives. When our eyes aren’t on Jesus, satan moves in for the attack on our lives and consumes our mind with nothing but lies. Because our hope is not in our God, we no longer are reminded of His promises to protect us and the power that is in the name of Jesus! So when satan strikes, we struggle. Our peace slowly starts to fade away, our anxiety shoots through the roof, and all of the sudden sadness, depression, anger, bitterness, and FEAR, it all hits you.. and it hits you HARD.

It’s easy to i.e. into the lies that satan trees to feed us. We all do it. But figuring out our life perfectly is nearly impossible. When things get hard and you don’t know where to go or what to do and the things of life are uncertain..PAUSE. This is when satan can defeat us the most if we don’t pause and take a step back to look at Jesus. We’re all going to screw up and we’re all going to fall..but that is why God’s grace is so incredible! Because we are forgive and nothing we can do can separate us from His love! When things aren’t going your way or you don’t know what to do or where to go..PAUSE and rest in Jesus. Refuse to give in to satan and his life because that is exactly what they are, LIES. We are treasured and forgiven. We are covered in the precious blood of Jesus Christ. Trust hat despite the fact that we screw up and are far from perfect, that Jesus Christ is so in love with you and everything about you..That you’re taken care of and that He’s got you completely taken care of. Until web umbel ourselves before God and realize just how broken we are and how much He cares for us despite that, we will never fully experience the incredible grace that God bestowed upon us! The one thing that softens our hearts to His glory.


Satan has two agendas: An attack on ourselves and an attack on the way we see God. We just talked about the first so now lets talk about satan’s attack on the way we see Jesus. It’s so common that in the midst of trouble or during the hard times of life that satan feeds us these lies and causes us to feel insecure about ourselves. In turn, we become distant with God because wet have believed satan when he tries to convince us that Jesus is a person that he is definitely not. Somehow, when the storms start brewing and life isn’t going the way we planned it to go, satan convinces us that it’s God’s fault. That God is a harsh and mean God. Just like in the garden with Adam and Eve, satan convinces us that od is hiding out on us.That god is keeping us from a life that is much more extraordinary than the one that we’re experiencing. That if we follow our own desires that “You will not certainly die,” the serpent said to the woman “For God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil” (Genesis 3:4). All at once, we’re deceived. We are convinced that God’s plan isn’t the best plan for us and that we personally can somehow come up with a plan that is much greater then what God has laid out. So we pull away.. we distance ourselves and we become convinced that God is the bad guy and that we are better off doing things our own way. (Isn’t it ironic that as satan is trying to convince us that he will make us more like God, that he’s actually causing us to become more like him)

When the wave son life come crashing down, it’s easy to believe that God doesn’t know what he’s doing and that somehow we could do a better job of taking care of an entire world full of people. Bu the reality is this: exactly where you are now..is the GREATEST place you could possibly be. It is EXACTLY where God has you and exactly where He is asking that you trust in Him. We have to stop looking at the hardships of life as something dreadful and miserable to go through and instead just ride the wavs with God knowing that his is just something we have to conquer in order to see the glory of God on the other side and in order for God to make us the best version of ourselves that we could possibly be! Even the nothings make no sense and you see no way that the thing you’re facing is the best thing that could happen ti you, it is! Even though we cannot see the full picture, wench stand firm in the lord’s promises and know that He IS taking care of us. We were made and molded to live, not by sight, but by faith. That is why we cannot see the whole picture..because God misgiving us an opportunity to set our lives down and trust Him. So the question is, how much longer are we going to allow ourselves to be deceived and away form Jesus?


So how do we get back our spark with Jesus? We know now the different things that keep us away from Jesus. We’re aware now of how the devil can deceive us. But what now? What is the answer to getting back that spark?


“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”

There is something truly incredible about community. “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another” (Proverbs 28:17). You want to re-light that spark inside of you for Jesus? Search for community! Surround yourself with people who seek to truly and honestly know you, all the way down to the core. One’s that are going to hold you accountable and seek God’s guidance in the way that they love you .One’s that really LOVE you. And be intentional. YOU do the same. Don’t wait for someone to come around and do it first. We have been called to be warriors for the Kingdom of God. Warriors are not selfish and cowardly..they are bold! We are called to be bold for the Lord. And yea re called to love even when we are not loved back and to go love others even when we do not feel loved. It is important that we surround ourselves with community that will help to sharpen one another to walk in obedience and stand strongly and body for the Lord.

SO, we have talked about truly loving others and also forming a community that will sharpen and strengthen you in your walk with Christ..but what are we missing now?

Life doesn’t always go our way, I think we can all attest to that. Sometimes loving other people is hard! But the kicker is this: the kind of love that we’re called to isn’t selfish. It involves caring about the desires of someone else’s heart way more then the desires of our own hearts. That’s the way it is with Jesus too! Love is a two way street. So why are we expecting this abundant love and for blessings to pour out on us, and a fire to rage within us when we’re not prolong out nay love on Him? Now although Jesus is right there ready to love each and every one of us at all times..He never wants to force our love or to take away our free will. So He stands right there next you, just waiting for you to come to Him so that He can shower you with His love. But it takes us making that first step towards Him for that glorious and extraordinary love to be flowing within us.

So how do we show that love to Jesus? How do we make that first step?

Accepting Jesus’ grace means that we accept His love! Let’s face it..we’re human! We all screw up. We all fall short of the glory of God. We all may have things that we wish we could take back or have never done. We all have desires for things that do not line up with what Jesus Christ tells us is ok. But hear me when I say this..


No matter where you are, no matter what you’re involved in, no matter how much you think you’ve royally scared up..Jesus loves you . And by His wonderful and beautiful Grace we are saved through FAITH. But that’s what it takes..Faith. Faith that no matter what the situation is, that Jesus is there taking care of it. And no matter what you’re going through, He is there standing mightily before you, ready to take on your battles, IF WE JUST LET HIM. You are so beautiful land wonderful and treasured in our Savior’s eyes. He is so delighted by you and your existence and wants to spoil you with His love.

Now, if there is anything that i could share with you in this blog about how to get that spark back with Jesus, it would be this.

It’s time to open up our bibles people!! I know we hear it all the time, and I know that many people may even be rolling their eyes as they read this..BUT IT’S TRUE. When you take the time to open up your bible and learn about and spend time with the only one who loves us fully and unconditionally..HE WILL SHOW UP. It might not be the first time, it might not be the second. But we have to WANT Him. We have to SEEK Him. We actually have to give an effort. THAT is how we rekindle our spark with Jesus again..By showing Him that we love Him. By choosing Him just as He chose us. By making our relationship with Jesus a two-way street rather than jut one. All we have to do is work to love Him! And I say work because it’s not always going to be easy and sometimes you’re going to have to take time out of your day or adjust things about yourself. Because any kind of real love, any kind of Godly love is a love that you have to work towards..because you’re constantly trying to run after the other person’s heart rather than your own. It may not always be natural, it may take some time. You may have to be persistent during a time of not initially receiving results..But it’s time to love Jesus, guys.

All we have to do is work to love Him, and do all the things that love entails. We not’ be perfect and sometimes we’re going to mess u. But God is going to show up radically in your life! And He will set a fire within you that is so powerful and so wonderful that you’re not even going to be able to contain your love and your desire for Him.

Go after Him, guys. It’s time.


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