Knicks Should Sign Nicolas Batum

Now that the Charlotte Hornets are out of the playoffs, we can talk about Nicolas Batum. Batum will be a free agent this summer and the New York Knicks should be interested in him. He would bring a lot to the Knicks. Last year for the Hornets he got back to playing like the player that he was. For that reason, he is going to get paid this summer. The Knicks must make an effort to try to sign Batum.


Regulas Season 14.9 6.1 5.8 42.6 34.8 0.9 0.6

As you can see from the chart his numbers are really good. He was one of the better all-around players in the league. He can score, rebound, pass the ball and was one of the best defensive players too. Batum helps the Knicks on offense and defense. If Batum was on the roster right now he would lead the team in 3-pointers made, assists, and steals. They may have even made the playoffs with him. Batum is one of the few players that scoring is not the only way he can effective the game. With Batum, the Knicks can let Carmelo Anthony be the primary scorer and not have to run the offense as well. With his ability to knockdown the 3-point shot, it will just help space the court more. The Knicks will need to offer him the max contract if they want to entice him to come to New York. Offering a max contract may force the Hornets to let him go in free agency.

Batum is one of those players that can effect the game in so many ways. The Knicks do not need Batum’s scoring  as much as his playmaking and defense. With another year, Porzingis should become a better scorer and with Melo they have plenty of firepower. The Knicks need help in the 3-point shooting department and defense on the wings. Batum will help in both those areas. The Knicks need to fill a lot of needs this summer. Batum is able to fill a lot of them because he so versatile and is such a good all-around player. The Knicks should really consider Batum, when looking at free agents this summer. He would instantly make this team better.


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