Ryan Braun Trade Rumors: LA Dodgers, SF Giants


Seeing Ryan Braun on the trade block is slightly surprising as he has been the heart of the Milwaukee Brewers for a decade now. A big contract with declining numbers attached to it over the last few years along with a PED suspension made it look like he was unmovable. A really hot start to the 2016 campaign has changed this as trade rumors have already begun to swirl involving his name.

The Brewers should end up as one of the league’s top sellers at the trade deadline. Jonathan Lucroy is a top name we should expect to leave at some point in the next 365 days, more likely in the offseason, but Braun has now joined him as a possibility although a much more difficult on. In order to move Braun the Brewers will need to find a team willing to pay quite a bit in dollars even if they eat a big chunk of the contract themselves. Furthermore, thy’ll have to navigate through his no-trade list which includes every team except for Los Angeles Angels, Arizona Diamondbacks, Los Angeles Dodgers, San Francisco Giants, Miami Marlins, and San Diego Padres. This doesn’t mean Braun won’t get traded elsewhere, but these six teams have the odds in their favor.

Among them I’d have to believe the Dodgers and Giants are the top candidates. The Angels don’t want to go over the luxury tax, the Diamondbacks aren’t quite there to commit to someone else this expensive, and the Padres need to get out from bad contracts. The Marlins may always decide to really go all-in, but I’m doubtful they will. This leaves the Dodgers and Giants whose pockets are as bottomless as I am. Seriously, you should see my lack of butt.

Braun would fill in well as the Dodgers’ left fielder especially since Andre Ethier is out. I would imagine they would need to trade him and possibly a bit more to limit at least a bit of the payroll. A three-team deal, something the Dodgers seem to always lead to, would be a way to get this done. I love the idea of Braun joining the Dodgers as they do need a powerful right-handed bat to join this lineup. Braun would be just what they need.

If not the Dodgers I could see the Giants pouring some of their resources into adding Braun as their left fielder. They could also use the offense even if they are pretty potent. For years I have believed the Giants lack power. Braun, even in his less powerful, aged state would give them this. He’d be an upgrade over Angel Pagan or any other scrub they would normally put in left field.

Where do you think Braun will get traded this year?

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